101 Fish Names For Boys And Girls

For many, the thought of naming fish seems a little on the crazy side. After all, it’s not like they are going to come swimming when you call, learn their names, or even know that they have one! However, we, yes you and me, as fish owners know that they are part of the family and deserve to be treated as such, even in the little things, and it all starts with giving them a name. For a bit of fun, here’s a list of 101 (ish) fish names for boys and girls alike!!

Choosing a name for your fish is not always easy but the great thing is that you can afford to get really creative and even pick long names as you’re probably not going to use them that often. You can have first names, middle names, last names, and even nicknames, as long as you are happy with them. 

To help you get started choosing names, we have put together a list of 101 (ish) perfect fish names for both boys and girls (males and females). So without further ado, let’s get to it and share with you some great suggestions. 

young child looking at tropical fish
Naming your fish is part of the fun in keeping Tropical fish

Famous Fish From TV, Film, And Literature

Characters from TV, film, and literature are always popular when it comes to choosing names for our pets. However, we’re going to step it up a notch or two when it comes to choosing ones for your family’s swimmers and suggest names from famous fictional fish.

Blinky – A three-eyed fish from the Simpsons

Bruce – The great white in Finding Nemo and the name for the mechanical shark in the film Jaws – double whammy!

Cleo – The goldfish from the much loved Disney film Pinocchio

Destiny – The whale shark featured in Finding Dory

Flounder – The Little Mermaids tropical fish friend

Pudge – Lilo’s friend in Lilo And Stitch

Nemo – The star in Disney’s underwater phenomenon Finding Nemo

Dory – Nemo’s best friend and star of her own film Finding Dory

Marlin – A clownfish from Finding Nemo

Moby Dick The famous whale from the 1851 novel of the same name by Herman Melville

Jaws – The human flesh-hungry great white from the 1975 film Jaws

Willy – The orca that Jesse rescues from captivity in the 1993 film Free Willy

Wanda – The Goldfish in the film entitled A Fish Called Wanda

As you can see, the list above forms part of the 101 fish names for boys and girls, continue reading for more great names.

finding nemo image
Probably the most famous fish name in History- NEMO image credits @PIXAR

Punny Fish Names

There’s no explanation needed here really other than to say everyone loves a good old pun. After all, who wouldn’t laugh when they ask you the name of your Goldfish and you reply ‘Sea-line Dion?’

James Pond 

Han Sole-O 

Megan Mackerel

Prince Whale-Iam

Sea-Line Dion

Guppi Goldberg


Marlin Monroe

Goldie Hawn

Meryl Stream

Leonardo Di Carpio

Fortuna Teller

Gill Friend


More Than One Fish Names

It’s rare that, unless you keep male Bettas or Goldfish, you’ll just have one fish. For this reason, paired names and group names can be perfect to help you remember who all your fish are. Group names are also good for those keeping fish in schools where it would be impossible to identify each individual.

The Peaky Blinders – Perfect for any school of unruly fish

The Hells Angels – Ideal for the hell raisers of your aquarium

The Lion, The Witch, And The Goldfish – What can I say? Just Amusing!

Sea And Weed – Well, it made me giggle!

Aqua And Fina – A brand of purified water that makes for two cute names

Tom And Jerry – The quintessential cat and mouse 

Simon And Garfunkel – A perfect melodic pairing

Pina And Colada – Let’s cocktail!

Senor And Senorita – For your loved up pair

Simba And Nala – Perhaps, Disney’s most famous couple

Oopsy And Daisy – Is this catastrophic humor?

Dartagnan, Aramis, Athos, And Porthos – Valiant, brave, and full of character

Ross And Rachel – Friends and TV sitcoms most famous couple – he’s her lobster after all!

Mickey And Minnie – Just plain iconic

Romeo And Juliet – Shakespeare’s most famous and ill-fated duo

Heathcliff And Cathy – For those turbulent aquarium pairings, a turbulent couple from the Brontes

Beavis And Butthead – MTV’s pair of idiotic teens

Lady And The Tramp – Classic love pairing from the house of Disney

Fish And Chips – No explanation needed, I’m sure

Mona And Lisa – Da Vinci’s most famous painting, surely?

Charles And Dickens – A bit of literary class

The Bronte Sisters – More literary class from the moors of Haworth

Fred And Barney – The Flintstones best buddies

Beauty And The Beast – Simply a tale as old as time!

Huey, Duey, and Lewey – Donald Ducks cheeky and impish nephews

Donald And Daisy – The loved up ducks from Disney

tom and jerry
Tom and Jerry is a popular pair of fish name. I had two Goldfish called Tom & Jerry
Image credits here

Myth And Mythology

For those who fancy something a little bit different, there is always myth to turn to. After all, there are plenty of mystical and mysterious sea creatures that are embedded in mythology.

Ikaroa – From Maori myth, the fish mother goddess of all the stars

Leviathan – A biblical sea creature from Talmud

Namazu – An earthquake causing catfish from Japan

Abaia – An eel from Melanesian mythology

Jasconius – The enormous fish from the story of St Brendan

Kraken – A legendary sea monster – ‘release the kraken!’

Poseidon – God of the sea from Greek mythology

Neptune – God of the sea from Roman myth

Atlantis – The lost city deep under the sea

Nessie – Scotland’s very own (mythical?) sea monster

Famous Characters From TV, Films, And Literature

There are a plethora of names you could use for your fish that are taken from characters in films, on TV, and within the pages of books. Here are just a few of the most popular ones that are used today.

Aquaman DC Comics heir to the underwater city of Atlantis

Ariel (& Eric) – The Little Mermaid and her prince

Sansa – No TV name list would be complete without a Game Of Thrones character

Mr. Darcy (& Elizabeth) – Jane Austen’s dashing hero and heroine

Captain Birdseye – Don’t tell your fish, but Captain Birdseye makes marvelous fish dishes!

Carrie (& Mr. Big) – The iconic and stylish couple from Sex And The City

Pongo (& Perdy) – Disney’s loved up pooches with a rather large family

Maverick (& Goose) – Top Guns of the sky

Annabelle – The pretty, but creepy doll who now has her own film franchise

Homer (& Marge) – No explanation needed, I suspect!

Danny Ocean – The genius thief with the ideal name

Anastasia (& Mr. Grey) – 50 shades of fish names anyone?

The simpsons
Homer would be a great name for any fish. Image credits

Colors, Places, Fish Related, And Random Things

If you fancy being a bit more random the following list could be for you. It includes colors, artists, famous historical figures, places, and much much more.

Picasso – A colorful name for a colorful fish

Beethoven – Create a water symphony with this classy title

Rose – As a fictional Titanic survivor, beautiful color, and fishtail type this name is multi-functional

Sushi – Perhaps best not to tell your fish they are named after food created from them

Cleopatra – An ideal name for a dominant female swimmer

Bubbles – A popular name for many goldfish out there

Bob – An oldie, but a goodie if you like classics

Pacific – A watery name that also sounds pretty cool

Erie – If oceans, why not lakes?

Candy – Good for multi-color fish

Emerald – A fairly common name used for Bettas with green hues

Ruby – A good all-rounder being a girls name and color

Samurai – Fab name for those feisty aquarium inhabitants

Bella – For those pretty ladies in your tank

Mercedes – A luxury car brand that makes for a luxurious name

Peaches – Just plain old cutesy

Lunar – No reason, I just like it

Mystique – Perfect for those fish who hideaway and therefore are a bit of a mystery 

Phantom – A solid name for a black fish or those who are rarely seen

Ghost – Great for hard to see fish due to camouflage or transparency

Sapphire – For the sparkly fish in your life

Nightshade – Sounds deadly and mysterious, doesn’t it?

Crystal – Sugar and spice, and all things nice

Boo – Used as a pet name for people so why not use it for your pet?

Orchid – Gorgeous, and sometimes rare flowers making for a unique name 

Lily – A gentle sounding name for those elegant swimming aquarium inhabitants

picasso clownfish
Perfectly named Picasso Clownfish

Coming Up With Names Of Your Own

There are, of course, no rules when it comes to naming your fish, and you certainly don’t have to use any of the above. Take your time to choose the perfect name for your fish and perhaps even come up with themes of your own. There are many out there such as planets, Greek Gods, Football players, car manufacturers, and even flower species. The sky’s the limit and only your imagination will limit you!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our list of 101 fish names for boys and girls and inspired you to find a great name for your new pet.

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