5 Reasons Why Guppies Are The Perfect Pet

If you’re reading this, you have probably decided that tropical fish are the pet for you and now you’re searching for the perfect species. Well, look no further, for we have the answer; the perfect aquarium resident is, of course, the fabulous guppy!

I know, it’s all very easy to make the claim that Guppies are indeed the fish for you, but what do we have to back that statement up? Well, we have these reasons below.

Here are the 5 reasons why Guppies are the perfect pet.

guppy fish make for great pets

1. Immense Beauty

There are literally dozens and dozens of incredible varieties within the Guppy family. From vibrant red to marbled to multi-colored, albino, and iridescent blue, Guppies have it all. They also are available in a variety of tail types such as flag, lyre, pin, veil, fan, and more.

As is common in the animal world male Guppies are often more flashy, yet smaller than the female. Coloration is generally all over the male’s body whilst females are usually gray with vibrantly colored tails. Our favorite varieties and recommendations would be:

  • The Multi-Guppy – A variety that everyone is familiar with. They have a minimum of three distinct colors in both their caudal and dorsal fins. They are commonly described as having a rainbow-like appearance.
  • The Snakeskin Guppy – With its vertical pattern and individual rosette patterning the Snakeskin Guppy indeed resembles the patterning found on a snake. Any coloration is possible but we suggest you look out for the gold, orange, and black.
  • The Blue Guppy – Simply an all over beautiful display of various shades of blue. Usually, they are found in an electric blue but can also be obtained in shades of sky to dark blue.

Perhaps surprisingly, considering these are such an attractive and desired tropical species the Guppy can be bought for as little as $1-3. However, fancier strains can be in the range of $25. Guppies feature high in our Best 15 tropical fish for beginners.

2. Space Saving

This may seem a strange reason to choose a fish species but it’s something to be taken into consideration as not everyone has the room in their home for a large aquarium. As they grow only to around 1.5 inches, Guppies are perfect for those smaller homes.

As a guide, keeping 3-4 Guppies will require an aquarium of 5-gallon plus. They will also need filtration, a heater, and tank decors such as plants and places to hide. A full set up of around the aforementioned size will cost around $60.

 This is a perfect small aquarium for beginners and a good starting size for guppy. It is however only 5 Gallons so you won’t be able to keep more than 5-6 fish in total in the aquarium. But it is perfect for children and bedrooms. 

For those who don’t need to space save, we would highly recommend getting an aquarium as large as possible and filling it, without overstocking, with Guppies of all colors and tail types. Guppies after all in a large school make an absolutely jaw-dropping spectacle.

stunning guppy fish

3. Low Maintenance

Given the correct set up as mentioned above Guppies are extremely low maintenance. They need, as all fish do, pristine water parameters, nutritional food, and regular aquarium maintenance.

Water Parameters

  • Temperature – 72-78℉ or 22-28℃
  • Ammonia/Nitrites – 0ppm
  • Nitrates – Under 10ppm
  • Water pH – 6.8-7.8

Nutritional Food

Guppies require a nutritional and varied diet. A good quality tropical flake will suffice as their daily feed, whilst treats such as bloodworm, brine shrimp, and mosquito larvae which they love will provide them with some variety.

Aquarium Maintenance

  • 10-30% water changes weekly
  • Clean filter twice per month
  • Clean aquarium glass monthly
  • Feed every day for six days, the seventh day they should fast

4. Temperament And Behavior

Guppies are incredibly active fish that are always great fun to observe. This is especially true of when they are feeding as they become very excited and will swim like crazy to catch all the bits of the flake.

Guppies are also non-aggressive and peaceful fish that will not attack each other or different species. They play well with a variety of fish such as Swordtails, Mollys, Platies, and Neon Tetras.

Please note that as diurnal fish Guppies will not be active at night when the aquarium lights go out. During this time they will rest, even sleep, restocking on energy for their daytime frivolity.

Guppy feature high in our list of the Best tropical fish for beginners. Take a look at our YouTube video below.

5. Incredibly Hardy Fish

Though Guppies require good husbandry just as other fish species do, they are not prone to illness or death with aquarium fluctuations from time to time. They are, however still susceptible to diseases such as a fungus, though these can easily be avoided by buying your Guppies from healthy stock.

Not entirely related to being hardy but kind of, Guppies can go around 2-3 weeks without being fed meaning that leaving them for a few days alone is not a problem. They also breed incredibly easily making replacing and maintaining a healthy stock easy. Be aware, however, that Guppies are livebearers that will eat their young. Separation from their babies or giving birth in a breeding box is recommended.

image of guppy
Guppy – One of the most popular Tropical Fish

Water Conditions

Common NameGuppy
Care LevelEasy
Water Conditions 64-82° F, KH 10-30, pH 5.5-8.0
Size 2” Max
Tank size 20 Gallons
Diet Omnivore
Cost $2


It’s difficult, to sum up in a few words why the Guppy makes the perfect pet. After all, they have many attractive attributes that any fish keeper will love. They are active, attractive, and full of personality making them a fish you will never tire of, and what more could you want?

Guppy thrive if you give them a well-balanced diet. Read our article: What do guppies eat?

Thanks for reading 5 Reasons Why Guppies Are The Perfect Pet. We hope you rush out and buy some guppies and enjoy this wonderful hobby just as much as we do.