About Us

About Us and the team at Fishkeeping Forever which is made up of several writers all of whom are experienced fish-keepersstore owners and writers within the hobby.

My name’s Jim and I’m the main editor and work closely with two key writers both of whom are very experienced fish-keepers.

We have a staggering collective total of 200+ Years of experience in the business between all of us who write for FishKeeping Forever.

About Us – Meet the Fishkeeping Forever Team

About Us

Joanne Burn has been an enthusiastic fish keeper since childhood when her aunt gave her a spare tank.

Although it was mainly maintained by her Dad, Joanne fell in love with the hobby and continues to keep fish until this day.

Nowadays she maintains her own tanks and is a freelance writer for numerous fish keeping websites and social networking groups. Jo is in the middle of building her own and first fish pond and in between writing for this publication she came be found wondering around her garden with a spade and fork in her hand. She hopes in 2021 to have it fukll completed and perfect ready to enjoy her summer sat watching the fruits of her hard work.

Here are a few of Joanne’s articles: 

Garry is a freelance aquatic writer from Canada, and has contributed some amazing work on our site.

Garry has a bachelor of arts degree in English and is an editor for a newspaper.

His research and writing skills are in big demand and have earned him a good reputation within the aquatic scene.

Garry has a passion for the outdoors and loves being at one with Mother Nature. Garry is a huge fan of visiting public aquariums and has visited many of the big world famouse aquariums and has an ambition to visit the Top 10 Public aquariums around the world.

Here are a few articles from garry…….


Author Bio – Helen McGarrigle

I joined the editorial team of FKF when Jim asked me to be their proof-reader a year or so ago. It’s been great fun along the way, reading through all the articles that Jim and his writing team put together for you.

My own first pet was actually the family dog. A pure-bred Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Rob Roy (Rob for short). A dark, brindle, stocky dog, who loved to play fetch and swim in the local rivers with us kids.

We also had a budgie by the name of Tammy, a sky-blue ‘normal’ budgerigar. I never did succeed in getting him to talk, much as I tried.

As a youngster, I kept frogs and newts, to the dismay of my parents, but great fun for my brothers and sister.

With three young children and working full-time, between us we opted to keep goldfish as the family pet (it would have been unfair on a dog to be cooped up inside all day). We never tired of adding new plants, rearranging rocks and hideouts and adding new community fish. We had an 8’ x 3’ x 2’ tank for years and only sold it on when we moved abroad.

Living abroad, I adopted a street dog at the tender age of 3 weeks, her mum had been killed on the local village road. I named her Brindi (which sort of means ‘celebration’), she was with me for 6 years and was a great companion and gave me so much joy and love. I could talk about her forever and a day.

I enjoy local walks with my sister’s two dogs (my place is too small to keep a dog), a German Shorthaired Pointer and a Fox-Red Golden Retriever – adorable the pair of them!

See some of Helens work over on her own website Bowwowtech.co.uk where you can also read more About Us there.

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