About FishKeepingForever

Our team is made up of several writers all of whom are experienced fish-keepers, store owners and writers within the hobby.

My name's Carl and I'm the main editor and work closely with two key writers both of whom are very experienced fish-keepers.

We have a staggering collective total of 200+ Years of experience in the business between all of us who write for FishKeeping Forever.

Meet the Team


My name is Carl, and I am the senior editor at fishkeepingforever.com

I started my journey in the aquatic trade at the tender age of 16 working in a wonderful aquatic shop specializing in saltwater fish called Ocean Aquatics

3 years later I became the manager for 3 years before opening my own tropical fish store and aquatic plant import business.

My love for fish keeping has always been in my heart and I think it always will be, hence the name of this website - fishkeepingforever.com

Here is a beginners Guide to keeping tropical fish I wrote.

Joanne Burn has been an enthusiastic fish keeper since childhood when her aunt gave her a spare tank.

Although it was mainly maintained by her Dad, Joanne fell in love with the hobby and continues to keep fish until this day.

Nowadays she maintains her own tanks and is a freelance writer for numerous fish keeping websites and social networking groups

Here is one of Joanne's articles: Perfect Names for Clownfish


Garry is a freelance aquatic writer from Canada, and has contributed some amazing work on our site.

Garry has a bachelor of arts degree in English and is an editor for a newspaper.

His research and writing skills are in big demand and have earned him a good reputation within the aquatic scene.

Garry has a passion for the outdoors and loves being at one with Mother Nature!

Here is an article from Garry: Aquarium Silicone Sealer

Our mission is to grow this hobby that we all love so much and help others run successful aquariums and enjoy them for years to come. If you love fish-keeping and would like to join our team please email us at Fishkeepingforever@gmail.com.