Complete Guide to Java Fern in Aquariums


Anyone interested in making elaborately decorated aquariums should know about Java Fern, one of the most useful plants in aquarium decoration. Java Fern is beautiful to look at and works well alongside many different types of plants and fish. It grows slowly, which is great because that makes your aquarium require little maintenance. Faster growing …

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Neon Tetra Fin Rot: Treatment | Diseases | Cures | Remedies

neon tetra fin rot

With their neon coloration and nippy swimming, Neon Tetras are an incredibly popular aquarium addition. They are stunning when kept in larger shoals and, in general, easy to care for. Ease of care, however, doesn’t necessarily equate to the Neon Tetra being completely problem-free. In fact, they are prone to, though not more so than …

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Omega One Marine Pellets with Garlic Fish Food | Review | Price

marine pellets fish food

Omega One Small Marine Pellets with Garlic Fish Food are crafted from three primary ingredients: seafood, spirulina, and garlic. The recipe also includes vitamins, such as biotin. All of these ingredients are of the highest quality.  While seafood and spirulina make up the bulk, garlic is a strong presence in the pellets as well, to …

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What pet fish lives the longest (Types of fish, Lifespan,Care)

koi image

We all know that when it comes to life and death there are very few certainties other than that both will happen. However, that doesn’t stop us asking the question, especially when it comes to choosing aquarium buddies, what pet fish live the longest? Have you heard about George? George was a common goldfish that …

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How Big Do Ram Cichlids Get? (Size,Growth Rate)

ram cichlid types

Ram Cichlids are probably one of the most popular species available in the aquarium trade today. This is due to a mixture of factors such as delightful coloration, ease of care, and personality. However, before you decide to run out and buy a pair of these delightful tank members, you need to consider how big …

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What Do Ram Cichlids Eat?

what do ram cichlids eat?

The chances are, if you’re reading this, that you have discovered the delightful Ram Cichlid, and are either thinking of buying a pair, or have already done so! However, you’re also, clearly wondering ‘What do Ram Cichlids eat?’ so, here, let us tell you! What do ram cichlids eat? The Ram Cichlid is an omnivore …

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Ram Cichlid Types

female ram cichlid

The Ram Cichlid is a popular aquarium species that has been developed and bred to include numerous different strains. These strains are sold under many different names including Ram, Blue Ram, Asian Ram, Butterfly Cichlid, Ramirez’s Dwarf Cichlid, Butterfly Cichlid, and Ramizeri. Despite the plethora of names for this fish species, there are only really …

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7 Little Known Facts About The Longhorn Cowfish (With Photos)

Longhorn cowfish facts

The Longhorn Cowfish is a tropical fish that is recognizable for its two long horns located on the front of its head, similar to a bull or a cow. It’s usually found swimming along the coral reefs in the tropical and subtropical regions, at a depth of about 1 to 45 meters. Although it’s not …

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McCosker’s Flasher Wrasse: Care | Diet | Size | Breeding Guide

Mccosker flasher wrasse

With a name that is a mouthful to get your tongue around, but a look that is certainly easy on the eyes, McCosker’s Flasher Wrasse is a stunning fish for your home aquarium. These orange fish with iridescent blue stripes are surprisingly easy to look after and have a nature that helps them settle in …

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Why Are Your Fish Not Eating – 9 Possible Reasons

why are my fish not eating

There are many reasons why your fish may not be eating or eating less. Thankfully most of the reasons can be corrected before there’s any longterm consequences or even deaths in your aquarium. Why are your fish not eating? There are all kinds of reasons as to why your fish aren’t eating. It could be …

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7 ways to make your fish grow faster (using ethical methods)

7 ways to make your fish grow faster

Do you want to make your fish grow faster? When you’re a pet owner, be it a fishkeeper or a fur-parent, it’s natural that you only want the best for your pets. Like us, most would do anything just to foster pets that are at their optimum health. Who doesn’t want healthy and happy little …

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Why is my Betta fish not eating? (Top 5 Possible Reasons)

What Do Betta Fish Eat?

For anyone who has kept a Betta or any fish for that matter, you will eventually come to question – why is my Betta fish not eating?  What are the top five reasons your betta fish is not eating? There are many reasons this could be, but the most common is that something is wrong …

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