Best Automatic Fish Feeders – No Vacation worries!

Going on a long vacation and worried about your fish?

Then fear not, simply buy one of the best automatic fish feeders on the market today and relax in the knowledge that your fish are receiving the correct amount of food each day.

One of the biggest obstacles for people considering buying a pet is what will happen when you go on vacation? Who will walk the dog, who will feed the cat and who will feed your fish?

Asking friends and neighbors is all well and good, but with something so unstable like a saltwater or Freshwater aquarium then finding someone who will give them the correct amount of food at the correct time is difficult.

Why risk it?

By simply purchasing an automatic fish feeder like the Eheim Everyday fish feeder you can relax on your well-deserved vacation knowing the risk factor has been taken out of feeding your fish.

Overfeeding: The number 1 killer of aquarium fish

The biggest mistake and killer of fish is overfeeding. Not the fact that your fish eat too much, its what happens to all the leftover fish food that your fish simply can’t eat.

You should never feed your fish more than they can eat within 5 minutes. If you see the food start to fall to the floor then you’ve overfed your fish.

You can’t leave it there thinking the bottom feeders will eat it, they are like any other fish and need a well-balanced diet and won’t eat rotten or moldy food.

If you overfeed your fish you may need to perform a partial water change. This will restore the balance of minerals and stabilize the pH level again.

No pet should be kept in unsuitable conditions and overfeeding your fish will result in poor water quality and within a week can change the water quality to a dangerous level for your beloved fish to swim in.

Let’s cut to the chase – Which automatic fish feeder is the best?

We have reviewed the Top 5 Best automatic fish feeders, details of which can be found further on in this review.

We all agreed that the Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder was the best, and we should know we spent ages testing all the different one on the market today. Which took us weeks to do.

Model Number3581090
Length5.51″ (140 mm)
Width2.36″ (60mm)
Height2.72″ (69mm)
Food Capacity3.38 fl oz (100 ml)
Power Supply2 x AA Batteries

We looked at various things on all the automatic fish feeders we reviewed and some of them are listed here:

  • Price
  • Food Capacity
  • Power Supply
  • Build Quality
  • Accuracy in the amount of food dispensed
  • Weight & Size
  • Customer Feedback
  • Warranty

We also like the Eheim automatic fish feeder because you can buy a simple standard model and you can also choose to buy the Eheim Feeding Station with twin feeding chambers. perfect a fish tank with fussy feeders.

When you feed your fish, the food usually floats on the water surface where it spreads and disperses but any food that is not found or eaten immediately will disappear into the decorations and filter where it will slowly decay and contaminate the water.

The difference with the EHEIM feeding station is that the food delivery is controlled from the food chamber – underwater. The fish are already waiting and the food can’t drift very far – everything is eaten and the water will stay cleaner for longer

Benefits of the EHEIM feeding station

  • The food is delivered underwater, via the chamber, to the same location every time
  • There is very little waste from food dispersal
  • Everything is eaten.
  • No decaying food residue in the decorations or filter
  • Less contamination in the water due to the reduction of decaying matter (nitrate and phosphate)
  • No oxygen consumption from bacterial decomposition of food residue
  • Lower food costs
  • All the fish gather in one place which is ideal for you to check for diseases, parasites, inflammation and also for observing feeding behavior

Best automatic fish feeder

How do they work?

Most automatic fish feeders that we tested using a similar rotating drum method. When your selected time comes around the drum rotates and a measured amount of food is dropped into your aquarium without any fuss! Simply design and very easy to set up

This simple design and setup make it easy to attach to your tank with or without a hood/lid. We found using the feeding station is the best way to ensure the food is all eaten and doesn’t float around your tank and cause any filtration problems.

With the Eheim fish station, the food is contained within a small area of your tank. This is a cleaner and safer way to dispense food but it also enhances your viewing pleasure if you use the feeder when you’re at home as you can watch your fish eat the food in a group which is much more entertaining.

(The unit in the Youtube video above is the basic Eheim Automatic Fish Feeder)

What if you need more than one type of food dispensed?

Eheim has thought of everything. Some fish need very specific foods and won’t eat one standard flake or pellet type of food.

Well, Eheim has come up with a solution for that, The Eheim Twin Feeder.

eheim twin feeder

This unit has two chambers that each can be set and rotated at set times to drop different type of foods into your tank at different times.

This gives you flexibility for feeding times and types of food used.


Automat with 2 separate chambers for different types of food

  • 2 separate feed chambers for granules, sticks, pellets, flakes
  • Drums are individually programmable
  • Random dosing  for natural feeding
  • Both drums are aerated
  • 2 types of food can be fed in parallel; the advantage of this is a food supply for all livestock in the swimming zones
  • Large display
  • Warning system quickly indicates low battery level
  • Includes batteries

How do you set the time and amount of food?

You can program your Eheim Everyday fish feeder to dispense food up to four times a day. You can make the container rota and dispense food once or twice each time, depending on how much food you want to dispense. ie: If you have a larger tank you might want the food to be dropped 4 times a day and double the portions each drop.

You can even dispense the food yourself by pressing the Eheim logo, that’s actually a button.

This will help if you use the automatic feeder whilst you’re at home.

The only thing you need to set it the opening where the food comes out. This regulates the amount of food given in anyone feeding or from one turn of the rotating drum.

We found the best way is to find the correct setting then tape the slider in the best position. This is a great way to ensure over your vacation period that the sliding food door doesn’t move and feed your fish too much or too little.

Top 5 Automatic Fish Food Feeders

Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder Programmable Automatic Food Dispenser

$26.99  in stock
22 new from $22.00
as of May 23, 2024 9:27 am


  • Great for everyday use whether you are home or away
  • Set it and let if feed your fish everyday. Packing dimensions(Width) 2.7 inch, packing dimensions(Height) 5.87 inch, packing dimensions(Depth) 3.43 inch
  • Convenient worry-free feeding for healthy fish
  • Easy to set up and use and includes easy start guide
  • Integrated fan and ventilation system keeps the food dry

Automatic Fish Feeder, Fish Feeder, Turtle Feeder, eBoTrade Vacation Weekend Fish Food Dispenser for Aquarium & Fish Tank Batteries Included

 out of stock
as of May 23, 2024 9:27 am


  • ✔ Feeds all fish foods, including flake. Easy to use timer provides from 1 to 4 meals per day. Great for everyday use whether you are home or away on vacation or Weekend;
  • ✔ Easy to use, simple operation and installation(2*AAA batteries are included). Set it and let it feed your fish everyday;
  • ✔ Can adjust the feed lever to regulate the amount of food dispensed. Convenient worry-free feeding for healthy fish;
  • ✔ Integrated fan and ventilation system keeps the food dry. Easy to set up and use includes easy start guide. Moisture-resistant hopper keeps food fresh and accommodates most types of food, including flakes, pellets or crumbles;
  • ✔ Integrated fan and ventilation system keeps the food dry. Easy to set up and use includes easy start guide. Moisture-resistant hopper keeps food fresh and accommodates most types of food, including flakes, pellets or crumbles;

NICREW Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder, Fish Food Dispenser for Fish Tank, Battery Operated Food Timer for Aquarium

 out of stock
as of May 23, 2024 9:27 am


  • Up to 4 daily feeding times
  • Simple to program, easy to install
  • Accommodates most types of food, including flakes, pellets or crumbles
  • Manual release button to give a "snack" outside of programmed feeding times
  • Adjustable clamp allows the feeder to mount on almost any style aquarium

heaven2017 Automatic Fish Feeder Smart Timer Feeder Auto Fish Food Dispenser AK-02

 out of stock
as of May 23, 2024 9:27 am


  • No need to worry about your fish when you has vacation, business trip, camping or travel.
  • AK-01S powered by battery, AK-02 powered by battery or USB.
  • AK-01S has 12/24 hours timing function, AK-02 has 8/12/24 hours timing function.
  • Type: Automatic Fish Feeder.
  • Size: 12cm x 8cm x 14cm/4.72" x 3.15" x 5.51" (Approx.).

Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder

$17.95  in stock
16 new from $17.95
4 used from $16.51
Free shipping
as of May 23, 2024 9:27 am


  • Serves up to 14 individual meals
  • Feeds all fish foods, including flake
  • Easy to use timer provides from 1 to 4 meals per day
  • Reliable and accurate quartz timer
  • Battery condition indicator

Conclusion: Best Automatic Fish Feeder

We tested many automatic fish feeders on the market today and many just didn’t hit the target. Either they simply didn’t work well or they had other issues like being hard to fit onto your tank, some simply didn’t work at all and we sent them back.

But all in all the Eheim everyday fish feeder was just right for most fish keepers.

A quick final run down for each automatic fish feeder that made it into our top 5 are listed below. We hope you found this article ‘ Best automatic fish feeders ‘ helpful.

Please feel free to share this with all your fishkeeping friends. Also, comment on here or on our Facebook fishkeeping group page. We’d love to hear from you.

  1. EheimPROSWe loved the simplicity of the device and how easy it is to fit onto most fish tanks. CONSThe only drawback was the sliding door to release the food. We taped it at the point we wanted because we thought it could slip or move after a week or so. It is still by far one of the best automatic fish feeders.
  2. NICREW PROSWe liked the size of this feeder and the clear clock display at the front. We also found it very good value. CONSSilly as this may seem but we found it hard to get the batteries is, there’s a silly spring that’s hard to pull back. Also one the drum didn’t rotate all the way and didn’t dispense any food. This only happened once out of a week testing.
  3. AK-O2 Fish FeederPROSWe liked the size of the drum and the fact that it was battery and DC5V powered. CONS- Only 3 feed settings and no clock display, just a green light on the selected setting. Not much option for altering the feeding times.
  4. eBoTrade Fish FeederPROSEasy to set up. Small and compact but hopper holds enough food for a short vacation. CONSDidn’t fit on all our tanks due to the bracket that holds it onto the tank.
  5. Fish Mate F14PROSOver 400 reviews on Amazon and most where good ones. We found it cheap and easy to set up. CONS Limited on which tanks we could use it on depending on the type of hood/lid we had. Also only 14 compartments for food and it’s dispensed over an hour period. This means the fish are constantly feeding rather than 2-3 times a day.

Now enjoy your vacation and send us a postcard!

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