Powder Blue Tangs are they Aggressive?

powder blue tang

Despite their exquisite coloring and distinctive features, Powder Blue Tangs have earned themselves a reputation for being difficult and aggressive tank mates. But are powder blue tangs aggressive all the time and with every fish? Powder Blue Tangs are they Aggressive? This species is aggressive by nature and especially when feeding. It can be extremely …

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Aquascaping Aquariums | Aquascape Complete Guide

aquascaping complete guide

Aquascaping Aquariums is the art and craft of decorating aquariums. Aquascaping involves building underwater landscapes. An aquascaper will fill the bottom of an aquarium with rocks and plant life, and decorate it beautifully. Some aquascapers also use their skills to decorate ponds instead of aquariums. Career In Aquascaping Aquariums There is plenty of talent and …

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Best Aquarium Plants | 21 Popular Plants For A Home Aquarium

aquarium plants

If you’ve ever owned a freshwater aquarium then you’ll know how beautiful they can look with real live aquarium plants. In this article, we’ll look at 21 Popular species of aquarium plants which are perfect for the home aquarium. We have listed 21 of the Best Aquarium Plants sold throughout the world for freshwater aquariums. …

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Best Water Conditioners For Freshwater Aquariums

aquarium water conditioner guide

Though you can’t see them, smell them, or taste them (and it’s not recommended to try), invisible assassins are lurking in your aquarium. The best aquarium water conditioners for freshwater aquariums can help reduce the risk of harming your fish by reducing the harmful elements. These go under such names as chlorine, chloramine, and various …

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