Glofish Types & Breeds: Colors | Types | Cost | Size | Lifespan


GlofishⓇ are a patented commercial brand that sells amazingly stunning fluorescent fish. They have neon-bright coloration, come in several types and colors, and look amazing when kept in groups. However, due to their less than natural coloration, they are not a fish species for everyone. They do, nonetheless, have a huge fanbase with many fish …

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21 Ways to make your Fish Happy!

There isn’t a lot of point in keeping fish unless you are going to keep happy fish. So aim for much higher than just maintenance – their contentment should be your ultimate goal. Here are 21 important ways to keep your fish happy. While you don’t often see fish with a big cheeky grin on …

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How Long Should I Leave My Aquarium Light On?


It goes without saying that aquarium lighting is an important feature, often essential when it comes to the care of your fish. This, in general, is for three main reasons. One, it adds to the attractiveness of your aquarium set up, two; it is essential to the growth of live aquatic plants, and three, it …

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