Best Aquaponic Aquariums 2020 ( Updated Review )

Aquaponics, though not a new phenomenon, is rapidly becoming more popular within the ornamental fish keeping hobby. It is a mixture of the plant growing system known as hydroponics and the art of aquaculture more commonly known as fishkeeping. Along with its growth in popularity, has come the rise of aquarium manufacturers producing aquaponic systems …

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Best Betta Fish Tanks | Top 10 Reviewed With Pros & Cons

betta fish tank review

Over recent years the Betta fish has grown in popularity within the aquarium trade. A fact, that really when you think about it, is not all that surprising. They are stunning in appearance, have wonderful personalities, and are extremely easy to keep. That is, once you have the biggest dilemma solved, and have decided on …

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Best Heaters For Nano Aquariums 1-10 Gallons

nano aquarium heaters

Best Heaters For Nano Aquariums was a project we undertook recently. When it comes to choosing the best heaters for nano aquariums the choice isn’t always clear. You see, small aquariums not only require lower heat outputs but can also need a small or compact design. This is due to many smaller aquariums coming in …

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Best Protein Skimmers| 2020 Updated Review

best protein skimmers

Whilst not a necessity in many saltwater aquariums, a protein skimmer is an excellent piece of equipment for your aquarium to keep it spick and span. They provide essential biological filtration and protein skimming that will keep your aquarium healthy. For this reason, we have undertaken a search for you, for the very best skimmer …

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Best Water Conditioners For Freshwater Aquariums

aquarium water conditioner guide

Though you can’t see them, smell them, or taste them (and it’s not recommended to try), invisible assassins are lurking in your aquarium. The best aquarium water conditioners for freshwater aquariums can help reduce the risk of harming your fish by reducing the harmful elements. These go under such names as chlorine, chloramine, and various …

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Best Pond Vacuum Cleaners | Top 3 Pond Vacuums

pond vacuum cleaner

A beautiful and natural garden pond can look stunning in the right setting if kept clean and clear. Our Best Pond Vacuum Cleaners guide will help you choose the right equipment to make cleaning your garden pond that much easier. Even natural wildlife ponds can become full of debris and leaves which if neglected will …

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Best Aquarium Sea Salt For Marine Fish Tanks | 2020 Review

best aquarium sea salt for fish tanks

If you own a saltwater aquarium or you’re considering setting up your first reef tank, you’ll need a good quality aquarium sea salt. In this review ‘Best aquarium sea salt review 2020‘ we look at all the things you should and need to consider before buying some for your saltwater reef aquarium. There are two …

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Bloodworms For Fish: Freeze Dried | Live | Frozen | Complete Guide

bloodworms for fish food image

Bloodworms for fish are very popular, but why? Are they better fed to your fish as live food or as freeze-dried or indeed frozen? In this article all about bloodworms for tropical fish, we cover all aspects of this popular fish food and see if and why you should be feeding it to your fish. …

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What Does A Fish Tank Cost To Maintain? Complete Cost Breakdown

article on the cost of maintaining a fish tank.

In this article, we tackle the often asked question of ‘What does a fish tank cost to maintain?’ A simple enough question, especially from a complete beginner to the world of fish-keeping, however, the answer is rather complex! When considering how much a fish tank costs to maintain, we need to consider numerous things. These …

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