Denison Barb Fish | Species Profile


Its unmistakable appearance and equally gregarious temperament make the Denison Barb fish a very desirable fish. With their streamlined form, racing stripes, and bright red streak, these barbs have certainly earned the moniker ‘Torpedo’. A shoal of these barbs will certainly add color and drama to any aquarium due to their endangered conservation status they are an …

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Can Goldfish eat worms? Garden or other types of worms!

goldfish eating worms

If you are considering feeding worms to your goldfish, you will be pleased to know that they will love them! But is the question ‘Can Goldfish eat worms‘ worth looking into? These freshwater cyprinids are one of the world’s best-loved aquarium fish, and despite their reputation for low-maintenance handling and feeding, they can really come into …

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Can Goldfish eat Bloodworms? Are they safe to eat!

goldfish eating bloodworms

Yes! If you are looking to supply your goldfish with a little variety in their diet, bloodworms are an excellent choice. Though many flaked and pelleted fish feeds are nutritionally balanced, supplementing the diet with a range of foods will enhance the growth and color of your goldfish. We hope this short article will familiarise …

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Prime Fuge Review: The Best Refugium Light We’ve Ever Tested

Prime Fuge Refugium & Reef Light

Originally Posted Marine Depot: ROBERT FARNSWORTH MARCH 15TH, 2019 In our latest video, we look at the new Aqua Illumination PRIME Fuge LED light and show you how this light can give your refugium a boost! Using algae as a means to fix nitrogen and phosphate is a very effective way to control nutrients in an …

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5 Monster Catfish Kept in Home Aquariums

monster catfish

Anyone who has ever kept freshwater aquariums will know of these Monster Catfish. Many will have seen them in shops and public aquariums but rarely in people’s home aquariums. Simply due to the size that these fish can grow to and size of aquarium needed to keep them will restrict them being kept by most …

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Where Does the Mandarin Fish Live?

Where Does the Mandarin Fish Live?

The mandarin fish are also known as synchiropus splendidus which were first reported by 1927 by Albert William Herre are small but brightly colored member of the dragonet family. People who have been to aquariums have likely seen this distinctive fish and it’s easily spotted with a bright blue coloring and orange stripes. This fish …

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Livebearer Fish List |15 livebearers for home aquarium


In recent years, the popularity of livebearers has surged immensely. Livebearers are called so as females belonging to this subspecies give birth to live young as opposed to most other fish that lay eggs. The fry produced are larger than eggs, can feed on different foods, and are better at escaping predators. Livebearers come from …

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Testing 4 Aquarium Ammonia Test Kits | The Results

ammonia test kit

Originally Published: MARINE DEPOT APRIL 16TH, 2019 Ammonia testing is something we all do when cycling a new aquarium. It’s also a good idea to monitor the water quality when adding new livestock to an established tank. And of course, when something doesn’t look right in the aquarium, one of the first thing we grab is the ammonia …

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TRITON Method: Replacing Trial and Error with Conscious Control

triton method

Originally Published:TRITON APPLIED REEF BIOSCIENCE JANUARY 28TH, 2019 Up until 2008 orthodox reef keeping centred on monitoring a few chemical parameters using colour chart test kits. Not only were the accuracy of the readings from test kits dubious but the vast majority of other elements in seawater were completely ignored. This meant the two key processes …

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Corals for Beginners | Common Corals For Reef Aquariums

Corals For Beginners

Originally Published: STEVEN LANDAU MARCH 30TH, 2020 If you’re new to reef-keeping and considering starting your own reef tank, you’re probably wondering, “What corals should I get? This is a relevant question because it’s easy to get a little too excited stocking your first tank with beautiful and exotic corals. Let us guide you through some …

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Quick Guide to Fishless Cycling: An Easy Way to Start a New Aquarium

Quick Guide to Fishless Cycling

Originally Published by: DR. TIMOTHY A. HOVANEC JANUARY 28TH, 2019 There are many opinions about how to fishless cycle your aquarium. But they normally just confuse readers and generate more questions than answers. Below is an article explaining the process and a couple of ways to fishless cycle, which we encourage everyone to read. Here is …

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5 Ways to Control Algae in Reef Aquariums


Originally Published by: JEFF JOHNSTON DECEMBER 19TH, 2016 We all struggle with algae problems in our reef tanks. Algae are an essential part of the aquarium’s food chain and ecosystem. It’s impossible to eliminate algae from our reef tanks but we can take steps to keep algae under control. The idea is to maintain the right …

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