How Long Do Oscar Fish Live For?

Oscar Fish

The Oscar is a member of the Cichlid family that comes in a variety of types. But how long do oscar fish live for? These varieties include the more frequently seen Tiger, Red, and Albino, and the lesser-known Lutino, Lemon, and Zebra. All of these share the same characteristics, apart from the color of course, …

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Omega One Marine Pellets with Garlic Fish Food | Review | Price

marine pellets fish food

Omega One Small Marine Pellets with Garlic Fish Food are crafted from three primary ingredients: seafood, spirulina, and garlic. The recipe also includes vitamins, such as biotin. All of these ingredients are of the highest quality.  While seafood and spirulina make up the bulk, garlic is a strong presence in the pellets as well, to …

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What pet fish lives the longest (Types of fish, Lifespan,Care)

koi image

We all know that when it comes to life and death there are very few certainties other than that both will happen. However, that doesn’t stop us asking the question, especially when it comes to choosing aquarium buddies, what pet fish live the longest? Have you heard about George? George was a common goldfish that …

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Why Are Your Fish Not Eating – 9 Possible Reasons

why are my fish not eating

There are many reasons why your fish may not be eating or eating less. Thankfully most of the reasons can be corrected before there’s any longterm consequences or even deaths in your aquarium. Why are your fish not eating? There are all kinds of reasons as to why your fish aren’t eating. It could be …

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Is keeping a Pet Fish Cruel?

is keeping a pet fish cruel

Millions of pet fish are sold each year and most are loved and cared for in the correct manner, which is why the hobby has grown incredibly fast over the past two decades. However, ever since fish keeping started around 1832, there have always been arguments against keeping wild fish in a home aquarium. Why? …

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