Starting a fish tank for beginners – Complete Guide!

Starting a fish tank for beginners - Complete Guide!

So you’re thinking of setting up a fish tank, Great! Keeping fish is a fantastic hobby and great fun for all the family. Starting a fish tank for beginners is lots of fun and if you follow some simple rules and best practices you’ll have good success and end up with a beautiful aquarium that …

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How to change the water in a fish tank – Why it’s important!

How to do a water change

When cleaning your fish tank one of the most important part is to remove about 15-20% of the water and clean out all the debris from within the gravel and tank. How to change the water in a fish tank and why it’s important is a fundamental part of fish keeping. In this article, we’ll explain …

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30 Fishkeeping Mistakes Beginners Make – We’ve all done #18

30 FishkeepingMistakes beginners make

Fishkeeping can be costly at the best of times without making any silly mistakes. Learning from the mistakes others have made can save you time, money and loss of life ( The fish, not yours) unless you’ve just done #28. We took a poll on our Facebook fishkeeping group and asked over 2000 followers “What …

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What To Put In a Refugium – Best Macroalgae For a Refugium.


What to put in a refugium to help reduce Nitrates & Phosphates has long been discussed and opinions are still divided. In this article, we look at the best macroalgae for your refugium in a saltwater aquarium. MacroAlgae can be added to your aquarium in a couple of ways firstly as decoration and a feature …

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Top 15 Nano Reef Tank Fish – #9 Is a wild card!


Have you ever wanted to keep saltwater fish but worried about the size of the tank you’ll need or the amount of room you have to house one? Well, we have the perfect answer! A nano reef tank, in this post we’ll show you the Top 15 Nano Reef Tank Fish which would be perfect for …

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Saltwater Fish For Beginners – #7 Is the our favorite!

saltwater fish for beginners

Saltwater or marine fishkeeping as it’s know can be a very expensive hobby if you get it wrong. We’ve heard many stories of people buying the wrong equipment or wrong fish and losing hundreds of dollars and quickly giving up on the whole idea of keeping saltwater fish. This isn’t good for the hobby as …

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Coolest Freshwater Aquarium Fish – #9 Will Amaze You!


Do you have a freshwater aquarium and want to keep something a bit special? Then let us show you some of the coolest freshwater aquarium fish available to the home aquarist. In this article, we show you some of the most amazing freshwater fish that offer you something different to the usual Guppies ( Not …

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What to do if you overfeed your fish – Everyone does it!

Fishkeeping forever

We have all at some point in our Fishkeeping lives made this mistake. Overfeeding your fish can be harmful in more ways than one.  In this article, What to do if you overfeed your fish?  We’ll explain why it’s important not to overfeed your fish and what to do if do. Our simple step by …

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