Silver Arowana: Complete, Care, Breeding, Feeding Guide

sliver arowana

The question that needs to be asked when it comes to Silver Arowana is not ‘do you want one?’ but ‘how much do you want one?’ I’m guessing for most, the answer is very much indeed! Arowana, silver being the most common, are high on most fish keepers wish list and for a very good …

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Rainbow Shark: Diet | Size | Breeding | Cost

Rainbow shark

If you’re anything like me the first thing you’ll be wondering is how the rather cute looking Rainbow Shark (epalzeorhynchos frenatus) got a name that is shared by a ferocious predator of the deep? The second? How you go about caring for these stunning guys and where you can get one? First things first, the …

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Tiger Barb Fish: Diet | Breeding | Size | Water Conditions

tiger barb image for a complete care guide

Tiger Barb fish are one of the most popular and sought after aquarium fish in the world today. Through selective breeding, Tiger Barb fish species now come in a variety of colors. Tiger Barbs have even been successfully modified to become Glofish. Glofish emit a fluorescent glow even under normal or UV lights. Most Tiger …

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Jack Dempsey: Diet | Size | Breeding | Lifespan | Sexing | Care Guide


I’m going to hazard a guess here and say that when you hear the words Jack Dempsey (rocio octofasciata) you don’t really know what to think? Are they a highly aggressive species? Are they just semi-aggressive? Or are they actually the ‘pussycat’ of the cichlid world? Ask ten different keepers and you’ll get twelve different …

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Denison Barb Fish | Species Profile


Its unmistakable appearance and equally gregarious temperament make the Denison Barb fish a very desirable fish. With their streamlined form, racing stripes, and bright red streak, these barbs have certainly earned the moniker ‘Torpedo’. A shoal of these barbs will certainly add color and drama to any aquarium due to their endangered conservation status they are an …

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Discus (Symphysodon) – Basic Guide For Beginners


The Discus Fish (symphysodon) is often, and deservedly, referred to as the ‘king of the aquarium’ due to its majestic and regal appearance. They are stunningly beautiful, carry themselves with immense grace, and every fish keeper, beginner and experienced alike, should have some! In this article ‘ Basic guide for beginners” we’ll look at all …

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Corydoras Schwartz Catfish: Diet | Size | Lifespan | Care

Corydoras Schwartz Catfish

By nature, the Corydoras Shwartzi is extraordinarily peaceful. These small, finely-colored fish prefer to spend their time grazing, methodically eating detritus along the bottom of a river. These social fish are happiest in a shoal, where they will companionably feed next to each other. Among fish enthusiasts, gentle ‘Corys’ are quite popular. Let us take …

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Congo Tetra: Diet | Size | Water Conditions | Breeding

congo tetra fish

The Congo Tetra is a popular freshwater fish, whose exotic appearance belies an easygoing temperament and relatively straightforward care. This flamboyant African Tetra displays some of the most beautiful characteristics of this diverse family of fish. It will make a great addition to a peaceful freshwater tank. In this comprehensive guide, we provide everything you …

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5 Monster Catfish Kept in Home Aquariums

monster catfish

Anyone who has ever kept freshwater aquariums will know of these Monster Catfish. Many will have seen them in shops and public aquariums but rarely in people’s home aquariums. Simply due to the size that these fish can grow to and size of aquarium needed to keep them will restrict them being kept by most …

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Livebearer Fish List |15 livebearers for home aquarium


In recent years, the popularity of livebearers has surged immensely. Livebearers are called so as females belonging to this subspecies give birth to live young as opposed to most other fish that lay eggs. The fry produced are larger than eggs, can feed on different foods, and are better at escaping predators. Livebearers come from …

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Quick Guide to Fishless Cycling: An Easy Way to Start a New Aquarium

Quick Guide to Fishless Cycling

Originally Published by: DR. TIMOTHY A. HOVANEC JANUARY 28TH, 2019 There are many opinions about how to fishless cycle your aquarium. But they normally just confuse readers and generate more questions than answers. Below is an article explaining the process and a couple of ways to fishless cycle, which we encourage everyone to read. Here is …

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Neon Tetra Fin Rot: Treatment | Diseases | Cures | Remedies

neon tetra fin rot

With their neon coloration and nippy swimming, Neon Tetras are an incredibly popular aquarium addition. They are stunning when kept in larger shoals and, in general, easy to care for. Ease of care, however, doesn’t necessarily equate to the Neon Tetra being completely problem-free. In fact, they are prone to, though not more so than …

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Bristlenose Catfish | Size | Breeding | Diet | Cost

bristlenose catfish

Most fish keepers have heard of the Plecostomus, the bigger brother to the species we are about to talk about. It’s often purchased to clear unwanted algae from a home aquarium. However, most people when purchasing this fish don not understand the care needs and exactly how big they can grow. This is where its …

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Cherry Barb: Diet | Breeding | Lifespan | Size | Care Guide

cherry barb

If you’re considering getting a cherry barb fish or already have one, it’s important to know what to do when it comes to their care. In this article, we cover all aspects of keeping and caring for Cherry Barbs. We cover cherry barb: Diet, Lifespan, Size, and Breeding. These small fish are known for having bright colorings …

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Green Tiger Barb: Diet | Breeding | Sexing | Lifespan

green tiger barb image

Green tiger barbs are freshwater fish known for their playful, semi-aggressive temperament. While the species requires a specific diet and environment for optimal health, Green Tiger Barbs are relatively easy to care for. To help you out, here is a complete guide to keeping green tiger barbs. Green Tiger Barb Appearance and Characteristics Mature green …

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