How long are Koi fish pregnant? Live Spawning or egg Layers

koi pond

If you notice that a koi is expanding rapidly, you may be bracing yourself for the flip-flap of little fins sometime soon! The sudden bloating of a laden female koi certainly does give the impression that baby fish are well on the way! Despite this fecundity being known as ‘pregnant koi’, all is not what …

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Do Koi fish Eat Mosquito Larvae? Cool Facts!

koi fish

Koi fish are ferocious eaters and will eat anything that comes into contact with the water. However, as Koi fish average about 3 feet in size, they typically have their sights set on larger prey than Mosquito Larvae. If you’d like your Koi fish to consume greater amounts of mosquito larvae, decrease their food just …

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American Flagfish (Jordanella floridae) Complete Care Guide

american flagfish

The American Flagfish (Jordanella floridae) comes from slow-moving marshes, swamps, lakes, and ponds in North America, Florida to through to the Yucatan Peninsula. It gets its name from the colors and patterns on the flank of the male fish during the breeding period. It bears a remarkable resemblance to the Stars & Stripes on the …

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Can Goldfish eat worms? Garden or other types of worms!

goldfish eating worms

If you are considering feeding worms to your goldfish, you will be pleased to know that they will love them! But is the question ‘Can Goldfish eat worms‘ worth looking into? These freshwater cyprinids are one of the world’s best-loved aquarium fish, and despite their reputation for low-maintenance handling and feeding, they can really come into …

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Can Goldfish eat Bloodworms? Are they safe to eat!

goldfish eating bloodworms

Yes! If you are looking to supply your goldfish with a little variety in their diet, bloodworms are an excellent choice. Though many flaked and pelleted fish feeds are nutritionally balanced, supplementing the diet with a range of foods will enhance the growth and color of your goldfish. We hope this short article will familiarise …

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Best Koi Pond Aerators Review 2020

pond aerators

In nature, bodies of water are naturally aerated, through the wind, aquatic plants, splashing streams and waterfalls, rain, and so on.  Your Koi pond must mimic this environment, to remain fresh, and to support marine life. A well-aerated pond is a healthy, beautiful pond… and one where your Koi Fish will live long and feel …

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Can you run a fish pond pump through winter?

frozen pond

As the seasons shift and the days shorten, both you and your pond will be bracing yourselves for colder weather. Winter brings a number of challenges to a well-stocked pond and requires a confident and organized approach to get everything through the cold months intact. Which leads us to answer the question: Can you run …

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Why are all my pond fish dead after heavy rain?

pond fish dead after heavy rain

There is probably nothing more disheartening for a pond owner than to find prized and nurtured koi, goldfish, minnow and other pond fish dead in the water. This phenomenon is often associated with high or heavy rainfall and cloudy periods. It’s not common to see pond fish dead after heavy rain but it also happens. …

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How to Oxygenate a Pond | 3 Ways to Oxygenate a Fish Pond

How to Oxygenate a Pond

A healthy fish pond environment requires plenty of oxygen. Fish need oxygen so they can breathe, and water that has oxygen gets filtered biologically. A way to test if there is enough oxygen in your fish pond is to pay attention to signs that might give clues to problems involving lack of oxygen. Read on …

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Best Pond Vacuum Cleaners | Top 3 Pond Vacuums

pond vacuum cleaner

A beautiful and natural garden pond can look stunning in the right setting if kept clean and clear. Our Best Pond Vacuum Cleaners guide will help you choose the right equipment to make cleaning your garden pond that much easier. Even natural wildlife ponds can become full of debris and leaves which if neglected will …

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