Green Clown Goby ( Care,Size,Diet,Lifespan) Guide

Breeding pair of clown goby

The amazing looking Green Clown Goby – Gobiodon atrangulatus is one of our favorite saltwater marine fish. Just look at that face, how could you not love this fish. Gobiodon atrangulatus or Earspot Coral Goby as it’s sometimes known is perfect for any community saltwater aquarium. However, they will nip at soft corals. They won’t harm …

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Jewel Damselfish: Size-Diet-Care-Cost-Guide

jewel damselfish-fishleepingforever

The Jewel Damselfish is a lovely looking little saltwater fish, but is it suitable for any Saltwater fish tank? In our experience this small and innocent looking damselfish often become small bullies and will dominate your tank. Upon adding these fish, which by the way should only ever be kept singly in a tank less than …

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Orchid Dottyback: Complete Care, Diet, and Setup Guide

orchid dottyback

Do you want to add some color to your reef tank? Then look no further than the Orchid Dottyback (Pseudochromis Fridmani) which are sometimes referred to as Fridman’s Dottyback or Fridman’s Pseudochromis. These captivity breed saltwater fish add color and personality to any saltwater tank. Here is everything you’ll need to know before adding one …

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Raccoon Butterflyfish: The complete care, diet, and setup guide

When I first started keeping Saltwater fish I always wanted to keep a Raccoon butterflyfish but I was put off by many people who said they were not suitable for my first Butterflyfish. They were wrong!  Racoon Butterflyfish are an excellent choice even for beginners. Butterflyfish and in particular the Raccoon Butterflyfish are very easy …

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Tailspot Blenny: Tank Mates | Reef Safe | Diet | Care | Cost | Lifespan

tailspot blenny

The tailspot blenny (ecsenius stigmatura) is a popular inhabitant in many saltwater aquariums. They are found primarily in the Western Pacific oceans but has been incorporated into saltwater tanks around the world. Typically, the male blenny is brighter in color and has longer fins. Female blennies, which are in good health, will appear to have …

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