Picasso Trigger (Rhinecanthus aculeatus) Fishkeepers Guide!

Picasso Trigger

Picasso Triggerfish (Rhinecanthus Aculeatus) Essential Care Guide I don’t know about you but I just adore a species of fish that is different, strange, even wacky in some way? Be it their behavior, their looks, or maybe even both, there is something very attractive about an oddball fish! The Picasso Triggerfish (rhinecanthus aculeatus) fits incredibly …

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Best Freshwater Cleaning Fish & Snails – #9 is the best

Best Aquarium Cleaning Fish

If you have Algae in your fish tank, don’t panic it’s completely natural to have a small amount. In my tank, I have a small amount and It makes my tank look natural and fits the scene I am trying to create. However, excessive algae look terrible and needs sorting quickly before it gets out of hand. Believe it or …

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Top 9 Freshwater fish for a new aquarium – #7 is my favorite

Top 9 Freshwater fish for a new aquarium

Starting any new hobby can be daunting, especially if it involves livestock. Aquarium keepers all over the world had to start somewhere and most will start with a small freshwater tropical fish tank. Beginners will often ask us for our advice on the Best freshwater tropical fish to start with and they often only know …

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Antennata Lionfish: Feeding | Breeding | Cost | Care Guide

Antennata Lionfish

There is nothing I love more than a trip to my local marine aquatic store to see all the saltwater beauties that I long to own. Every single one of them swimming around with their glorious color, shape, and size attracts my eye. There is, however, one species in particular that I spend more time …

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Silver Dollar Fish: Complete Care, breeding, Feeding Guide

silver dollar fish

If I asked you to pick your favorite shoaling fish, what species would it be? For me, it is undoubtedly the simple but stunning Silver Dollar (Metynnis Argenteus) A distant cousin of the piranha and pacu, the Silver Dollar (metynnis Argenteus) has been a favorite amongst fish keepers for many years, especially in the US. …

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Starting a fish tank for beginners – Complete Guide!

Starting a fish tank for beginners - Complete Guide!

So you’re thinking of setting up a fish tank, Great! Keeping fish is a fantastic hobby and great fun for all the family. Starting a fish tank for beginners is lots of fun and if you follow some simple rules and best practices you’ll have good success and end up with a beautiful aquarium that …

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Niger Triggerfish (Odonus niger) – Redtooth Triggerfish

Niger Triggerfish

Have you ever noticed that it’s usually the most attractive fish out there that have less than a stellar reputation? Well, the Niger Triggerfish (Odonus Niger) is no different! Just Google ‘badly behaved marine fish’ and you will come up with a list of articles in which the Niger Triggerfish is described as either ‘troublesome’ …

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Best Catfish Food – (2020) Catfish Food Review

best catfish food

Catfish are an excellent choice of aquarium fish, keeping them in your home aquarium allows you to experience these amazing fish and witness the peaceful life they live. But what’s the Best catfish food you can give them? We thought it would be helpful to review the Best Catfish Food in 2019 to help your …

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Unique Freshwater Fish – #8 Isn’t a fish, but it is very Unique!


If you own a Freshwater fish tank then you probably have some of the more common fish housed in your aquaria like Neons, Angelfish and Clown Loach. All beautiful fish, but have you looked at some of the more Unique Freshwater fish? We are blessed in the freshwater fish category of having a large number …

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How to change the water in a fish tank – Why it’s important!

How to do a water change

When cleaning your fish tank one of the most important part is to remove about 15-20% of the water and clean out all the debris from within the gravel and tank. How to change the water in a fish tank and why it’s important is a fundamental part of fish keeping. In this article, we’ll explain …

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