Cryptocoryne Wendtii | Species Profile And Growing Guide

If you’re looking for a small foreground aquarium plant then take a look at Cryptocoryne Wendtii which is technically a herb. This popular and widely available aquatic plant makes for a perfect foreground plant.

It has several color variations, ranging from Green, red and brown. The colors can vary depending on the lighting, water conditions and species variety. The size and texture of the leaves can also vary from plant to plant.

Widely used in Aquascaping this species of the Cryptocoryne family has become a firm favorite for planted aquariums.

Cryptocoryne Wendtii Species Profile

Family Araceae
Care LevelEasy
Max Size6 Inch
Light LevelModerate
Water Conditions72-78° F, KH 3-8, pH 6.0-8.0
crypto wendtii


Cryptocoryne is widespread throughout South-East Asia. The species distribution areas form a large region from West India to East Papua New Guinea and from South China and North Vietnam to South Indonesia.

Cryptocoryne Wendtii originates from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) where it flourishes in large numbers in inland freshwater lakes and rivers.

This species was introduced to parts of the USA, in particular, the state of Florida, where it is now classed as an invasive species. The threat from this plant species overtaking the natural plant life is taken very seriously in Florida.


Cryptocoryne Wendtii is a small to medium aquarium plant which is often chosen as a foreground to midground aquarium plant depending on the size of your aquarium. We have featured many plants in our 21 Aquatic Plants | Popular Species Guide and cryptos make up a large portion of these plants. For good reasons! Read the full guide above.

Often used in Aquascaping thanks to its ability to cover large areas of the substrate.

Cryptocoryne Wendtii is suitable for small aquariums with a height ranging from 10-15 cm and a rosette from 8-15 cm wide. If given plenty of space to grow unrestricted, the leaves will virtually lie on the bottom.

Cryptocoryne wendtii

Color and Description

Crypto Wendtii comes in various colors which may include green, brown and red. The size of the leaves can vary depending on the species and aquarium conditions.

The texture of the leaves is dependent on the lighting conditions. The higher wattage lighting makes the leaves appear more brightly colored and often elongated with small ridges running down the length of the leaf.

As with most aquatic plant species, this plant will benefit from supplemental nutrients and CO2, but these additions may not be required, and really depend on your setup and aquarium inhabitants.

C02 will add benefits for Cryptocoryne growth but is not essential. We use Flourish Plant food tablets. Seachem Flourish Tabs are growth stimulating tablets for plant roots that contain essential trace elements, amino acids, and vitamins.

Crypto wendtii


Simply remove a section of the plant from the substrate. Divide the mother plant up into lots of single plants. Then re-plant as and where you choose.

Ensure the roots are totally submerged in the substrate. Repeat the process once the plant is established and settles.


This species of Cryptocoryne is very hardy and will grow in low lighting. It prefers soft water but will also do well in harder waters.

It will form deep penetrating roots, so ensure you have sufficient substrate depth to allow the roots to take hold.

If you’re running an under gravel filter, it is has been known for the roots to penetrate through the filter, which can cause issues with the performance of the under gravel filter. Just monitor your water conditions using a reliable test kit like the API Freshwater Complete Test Kit sold on Amazon. We use this test kit and have done for many years. It’s one of the easiest kits to use and is both affordable and reliable.

We recommend Cryptocoryne Wendtii for beginners, thanks to its hardiness and ability to grow under low to medium lights which are found in most home community aquariums.

Planted aquariums can look amazing. Even this small nano aquarium looks stunning.

Thanks to its deep root system it can withstand fish that like to dig and move the substrate around like Cichlids. Many of which love to pull up the plants and often kill them due to disturbing the roots. This is not a problem with Crypto Wendtii. You can simply re-plant it back into the substrate and it will take hold again within days.

With newly purchased Cryptocoryne Wendtii’s it is common to see many of the leaves die off within a few days. This is a common occurrence and is a result of a sudden change to the plant’s water conditions and their new environment. The roots of the plant will normally remain healthy, and new leaves should be seen shortly. It can take up to 2-3 weeks for the plant to firmly establish roots and start to flourish again. We recommend removing the dead or rotten leaves as they can block the filter and affect the water conditions.

Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green

Cryptocoryne Wendtii F.A.Q

  • Should Cryptocorynes be planted in a pot or substrate? Cryptos fair well in both pots and substrate. Some Cryptos like the Wendtii grow well in the substrate with no need for pots.
  • What lights do you need to grow Wendtii? Wendtii can grow in low-level lighting However, we suggest 2 Wattage per gallon is best.
  • Is C02 good for Cryptocoryne Wendtii? C02 is good for all plants but with this species of crypto, it is not essential for this plant to thrive.
  • Should you use a fertilizer with Cryptos? Yes, it is always a good idea to provide your plants with the nutrients they need. Plant food can help them grow and thrive without the need for CO2.
  • How big does Cryptocoryne Wendtii grow? The average size is around 6-7 Inches. Although we have seen leaves grow as long as 10 inches. Depending on the species.

How To Trim Cryptocoryne Wendtii

Best Lighting For Cryptocoryne

Contrary to belief, cryptos don’t need an expensive lighting system to establish good growth and thrive in a home aquarium. Some species will need a little extra help which can be from plant foods or CO2. But in general, most will be happy with 8-12 hours of standard aquarium lights.

We use LED lighting now in our aquariums and have them on timers for 10 hours. We find that we get the best results from combining white and warm white fluorescent lamps or setting your LED to those spectrums.

We feel the most important aspect of growing Cryptos is the substrate and the amount of lighting provided.

Read our LED lighting Guide for more advice on this topic.

Conclusion: Cryptocoryne Wendtii Growers Guide

We hope we have tempted you to buy some Cryptos for your aquarium. Especially the Wendtii species.

It really is a lovely foreground plant suitable for most home aquariums. Only the biggest fish will uproot and disturb this plant. Remember to discard dead leaves when first introduced into the home aquarium.

The average cost of Cryptocoryne Wendtii is $3-4, so it’s not an expensive plant to purchase and is found for sale in most aquarium stores. If you struggle to find it you could buy it online from Amazon. Here’s a link!