Do Dojo Loach Eat Snails? Dojo Loach Care And Feeding Guide

Do Dojo Loach eat snails – is not a question we are asked too often, however, we were recently asked this question when a fellow aquarist, who is new to the hobby, asked if his Dojo loaches could eat Bloodworms and will they take care of the snail problems in his aquarium.

This got us thinking and we thought we could clear up a few myths and questions about feeding freshwater loaches but in particular Dojo Loach.

Do Dojo Loach eat snails? Dojo Loaches love to eat snails and will help control any snail issues you may have in your aquarium. However, they will need a balanced diet just like any other tropical fish which consists of live foods, flake, pellets and algae wafers. You can’t feed them snails alone. This will not provide a balanced diet full of vitamins and nutrients which they need to thrive.


Here’s a list of suitable foods for Dojo Loach

  • Bloodworms
  • Brine Shrimp
  • Flake Food
  • Sinking Pellets
  • Algae Tablets
  • Live Daphnia
  • Mysis Shrimp
  • Vegi Matter
  • Frozen Foods
  • Finely Chopped Meaty Foods
dojo albino loach

Do Dojo Loach Eat Snails?

These fish are often sold as a solution to snail problems in your fish tank. They will not cure your snail issues overnight. Yes, they will feed on unwanted snails but cannot replace regular waters changes and suitable filters.

Quick fact: They are often sold under the name ‘weather loach’ and their scientific name is Misgurnus anguillicaudatus.

These fish are bottom-dwelling scavengers that are found in the Lakes, Rivers, Ponds and rice paddies of China, Korea, and Japan where they are now pond raised for the aquarium trade.

People are told that freshwater loaches like Dojo’s will eat snails and all the garbage from the bottom of your aquarium. Whilst this is true to a certain extent, this type of food should not be their only source of nourishment.

My Dojo Loaches, which are around 2″ long, will only eat very small snails that come in on new plants I purchase. Since I do not have a snail issue within my aquarium I need to ensure I give my loaches the foods they need to thrive.

Feeding bottom dwellers the correct balanced diet is just as important as all the other fish in your tank. People often overlook these special fish as they don’t come to the top of the aquarium like other fish do to feed. Often they are hidden in the rocks and plants and don’t come out at feeding times.

TOP TIP: If you’re looking for a fish that eats lots of snails, don’t buy Dojo Loach, instead buy a Yo Yo Loach !

They prefer to wait until it’s darker and quiet before venturing out to feed.

They do burrow in the gravel in search of food, which is great for keeping my aquarium clean and tidy. However, I do ensure that they receive extra foods like algae pellets and live and freeze-dried Bloodworms. They really like the blocks of freeze-dried bloodworms. These are easy to feed to them without the other fish eating it all up before it hits the bottom of the aquarium. 

Is Flake Fish Food Suitable For Dojo Loach?

Dojo Loach love flake food like most other tropical fish. Sometimes all the flake food is eaten up by the top and mid-level swimming fish before your bottom-dwelling loach and catfish get chance to eat them.

I, therefore, feed my loach and catfish sinking pellets which drop instantly to the bottom. I then feed the others fish flake food at the same time. This allows the bottom dwellers to peacefully eat their food whilst the mid and top-level swimmers consume the flake food which will float around for a short time before dropping to the substrate.

dojo loach
Dojo ( Weather ) Loach

If you have a large selection of fast-moving, top and mid-level swimmers like Tiger Barbs, your Dojo Loach may not get its fair share of flake food.

Can Dojo Loach Eat Hair Algae?

Yes, Dojo Loach can and will eat some algae from the stones and gravel bed however, they cannot survive on algae alone and will not keep your aquarium clean.

Regular water changes and aquarium maintenance will keep your aquarium clean and healthy. You should never buy a fish to do that job for you. It is true that Dojo Loach do help to keep the gravel loose and free by digging in the substrate. This then loosens trapped dirt and leftover foods which will then be taken out by your aquarium filter.

Want to know which food we feed our Loaches?

Click this link  ? to see which food we feed all our loaches

Having the correct filter for the size of your aquarium will help to keep your fish tank clean. Only regular water changes can totally remove harmful ammonia and Nitrates in your aquarium.

Ensuring you have the correct filter for the size of your aquarium is vital. Read our guide of the best filter for a small aquarium and the best filters for larger aquariums. But don’t forget even a filter will not eradicate the need for water changes. 

How Many Times A Day Should You Feed Dojo Loach?

Dojo Loach need the same care and consideration when it comes to feeding just like all the other fish in your aquarium. They will need the same types of food at the same time as others. 

Dojo’s will eat throughout the night and search for leftover food. You do need to give them every opportunity to feed like all your other fish.

My Dojo Loach actually come out and feed with the other fish at feeding times. I have some really nice size loach including Yo Yo Loach, Clown Loach and of course Kuhli Loach with their distinctive colors and patterns. 

Below is a simple feeding guide for Dojo Loach:

FoodHow OftenHow Much
Flake Food3 Times a dayEnough to consume in 90 Seconds
Pellets3 Times a week1-2 Mini Pellets Per Fish
Bloodworms - live2 Times a week1/4 Teaspoon of worms per fish
Bloodworm - Freeze Dried2 Times a weekSmall Pinch
Algae Wafers / tablets2 Times a week1 Tablet or wafer per 10 fish
Brine Shrimp - LiveOnce a week1-2 Brine shrimp per fish
Other supplement foods or Vegatables2 Times per weekEnough to consume in 90 Seconds

What’s The Best Food For Dojo Loach?

As previously mentioned, we feed all our loach the same types of food that we do for all our community tropical fish. So, I have listed some of them below. We have selected these foods as part of a staple and varied fish diet through years of trying and testing many types of foods.

We use API Sinking pellets to ensure our loaches get their share of the food.

The foods below are tried and tested over many years and will provide your fish, including your Dojo Loach, with all the nutrients they need. 

Conclusion: What Do Dojo Loach Eat?

Dojo Loaches are very special fish that will eat just about any type of freshwater fish food. Don’t rely on one type of fish flake to give them all the nutrients and vitamins they need to thrive in a home aquarium

If you’re a pet owner you have a duty of care to feed them the correct type of food which is healthy, fresh and contains the correct vitamins and minerals. Fish food is no different.

Imagine eating just one type of food for the rest of your life like Lettuce! Boring right and not very healthy. Well, It’s the same for your fish.

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