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Plants for Betta fish

11 Best Plants for Betta fish

Bettas are not for keeping in small fish tanks or jars. Yes, they are labyrinth fish that have the ability to breathe oxygen from the …

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plants with baby fish

Top 7 Best plants for baby fish

Baby fish need a suitable environment that can mimic the natural habitat where they can develop fittingly. For this, you need to include plants which …

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guppies with an aquarium plant

9 Best Plants for Guppies ( Freshwater Aquarium Plants )

Humble guppies may not seem like the sharpest tools in the shed, but many researches have shown that guppies are smarter than we think. Believe …

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feeding goldfish

How Many Flakes Should You Feed a Goldfish? Goldfish Feeding Guide

This is not going to be a simple answer due to the number of factors within this question. You will need to consider how big …

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Discus (Symphysodon) – Basic Guide For Beginners

The Discus Fish (symphysodon) is often, and deservedly, referred to as the ‘king of the aquarium’ due to its majestic and regal appearance. They are …

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corydoras catfish on sand

Is Gravel Ok for Corydoras Catfish? ( Sand or Gravel )

Using gravel for Corydoras can actually prove fairly harmful. You see, these bottom-feeders will root around in the soft, sandy substrate at the bottom of …

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frog in a pond

Do Frogs Eat Goldfish? (Frogs and Toads in Backyard Ponds)

Do frogs eat goldfish in backyard ponds? Sometimes they do. Many frogs will eat whatever they can fit into their hungry little mouths, whether it …

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Corydoras Schwartz Catfish

Corydoras Schwartz Catfish: Diet | Size | Lifespan | Care

By nature, the Corydoras Shwartzi is extraordinarily peaceful. These small, finely-colored fish prefer to spend their time grazing, methodically eating detritus along the bottom of …

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