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bluestreak cleaner wrasse

Cleaner Wrasse: Diet | Size | Breeding | Sexing | Cost

Do you have some saltwater fish that need some TLC and a good cleaning? Then you need a cleaner wrasse. Look no further than the cleaner …

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Do Fish Eat Seaweed

Do Fish Eat Seaweed? | Freshwater and Saltwater

For any fish, feeding is one of the main daily activities and for the owner one of the many joys of keeping fish in a …

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reef aquarium

Best Cleanup Crew For a Reef Tank | Algae | Substrate | Scavengers

Originally Posted STEVEN LANDAU JUNE 3RD, 2020 An aquarium is a closed system. As you feed your fish, waste builds up. Filtration and water changes help, …

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why are my fish not eating

How to keep fish out of your filter

In most cases a healthy fish will avoid being sucked up into any filter unless you have gone totally overboard with the size and GPH …

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anubias nana

Anubias Nana: Species Profile & Growers Guide

If you are a  freshwater aquarium enthusiast and looking to add some authentic greenery to a tank brimming with African freshwater species like tetras, cichlids, …

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congo tetra fish

Congo Tetra: Diet | Size | Water Conditions | Breeding

The Congo Tetra is a popular freshwater fish, whose exotic appearance belies an easygoing temperament and relatively straightforward care. This flamboyant African Tetra displays some …

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snakeskin barb

Snakeskin Barb Fish – Tropical fish

If you are looking for an easy to manage exotic fish that is a true team player the Snakeskin Barb is a worthy choice!  The Snakeskin or …

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goldfish eating worms

Can Goldfish eat worms? Garden or other types of worms!

If you are considering feeding worms to your goldfish, you will be pleased to know that they will love them! But is the question ‘Can …

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