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koi eggs

How many eggs do Koi lay? How many and how often

As you Koi starts to mature they will enevitabily start to breed in your pond as long as the conditions and timings are right. Spawning …

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koi pond

How long are Koi fish pregnant? Live Spawning or egg Layers

If you notice that a koi is expanding rapidly, you may be bracing yourself for the flip-flap of little fins sometime soon! The sudden bloating …

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koi fish

Do Koi fish Eat Mosquito Larvae? Cool Facts!

Koi fish are ferocious eaters and will eat anything that comes into contact with the water. However, as Koi fish average about 3 feet in …

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american flagfish

American Flagfish (Jordanella floridae) Complete Care Guide

The American Flagfish (Jordanella floridae) comes from slow-moving marshes, swamps, lakes, and ponds in North America, Florida to through to the Yucatan Peninsula. It gets …

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A pair of mandarin dragonet

Green Mandarin Dragonet: Diet | Breeding | Size | Cost |Guide

The magnificent Green Mandarin Dragonet is more commonly known as Striped Mandarinfish or Green Mandarinfish. They look amazing with their combination of blue, orange, and green colors. Males …

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Credits @Dean McCoy Photography

What Is The Lifespan Of A Goldfish? You Won’t Believe It!

Most people have owned and cared for a common goldfish, Right. Usually, one you have won at the state fair or bought on impulse from …

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cleaning a fish tank makes fish happy

5 Best Aquarium Gravel Cleaners Reviewed & Tested

The gravel or substrate in your aquarium is there for a couple of reasons. To enhance the look of your aquarium and also to help …

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oranda goldfish ultimate guide

Oranda Goldfish: Diet | Size | Water Conditions | Breeding

Anyone who has ever kept Coldwater fish or owned a pond will know that these beautiful fish the Oranda Goldfish (Carrassius auratus) are not your average …

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