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firefish goby

Firefish Goby: Diet | Size | Care | Lifespan | Cost

The firefish goby is a stunning, small saltwater fish full of personality. Timid when first introduced to a new environment, it is best suited to …

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filters for fish bowls

Filters For Fish Bowls: Type | Size | Cost

Most people start fishkeeping when they’re young, starting with a small fish bowl or small tank in their bedroom. In this article, we discuss the …

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bluestreak cleaner wrasse

Cleaner Wrasse: Diet | Size | Breeding | Sexing | Cost

Do you have some saltwater fish that need some TLC and a good cleaning? Then you need a cleaner wrasse. Look no further than the cleaner …

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Do Fish Eat Seaweed

Do Fish Eat Seaweed? | Freshwater and Saltwater

For any fish, feeding is one of the main daily activities and for the owner one of the many joys of keeping fish in a …

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reef aquarium

Best Cleanup Crew For a Reef Tank | Algae | Substrate | Scavengers

Originally Posted STEVEN LANDAU JUNE 3RD, 2020 An aquarium is a closed system. As you feed your fish, waste builds up. Filtration and water changes help, …

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marineland maginflow aquarium filter

Marineland Magniflow 360 Canister Filter 360 GPH | Pros and Cons

So, you’re looking for an external canister filter for your aquarium. We, the Marineland Magniflow 360 is a solid contender when it comes to power, …

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why are my fish not eating

How to keep fish out of your filter

In most cases a healthy fish will avoid being sucked up into any filter unless you have gone totally overboard with the size and GPH …

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anubias nana

Anubias Nana: Species Profile & Growers Guide

If you are a  freshwater aquarium enthusiast and looking to add some authentic greenery to a tank brimming with African freshwater species like tetras, cichlids, …

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