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women it a fish

What are female fish called?

Are all fish simply just called fish? You’ve probably found yourself wondering if male or female fishes have different names like a lot of other …

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Quick Guide to Fishless Cycling

Quick Guide to Fishless Cycling: An Easy Way to Start a New Aquarium

Originally Published by: DR. TIMOTHY A. HOVANEC JANUARY 28TH, 2019 There are many opinions about how to fishless cycle your aquarium. But they normally just confuse …

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5 Ways to Control Algae in Reef Aquariums

Originally Published by: JEFF JOHNSTON DECEMBER 19TH, 2016 We all struggle with algae problems in our reef tanks. Algae are an essential part of the aquarium’s …

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can fish love their owners

Can Fish Love Their Owners?

Have you ever walked past your tank and seen your fish react or swim up to the glass when you come near? I know mine …

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What to do with unwanted Goldfish?

What to do with unwanted Goldfish?

If you have ever owned a Goldfish, you’ll understand that sometimes for whatever reason these fish suddenly don’t fit into our busy lifestyles. Maybe you’re …

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pond aerators

Best Koi Pond Aerators Review 2020

In nature, bodies of water are naturally aerated, through the wind, aquatic plants, splashing streams and waterfalls, rain, and so on.  Your Koi pond must …

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aquarium wall art

AQUARIUM WALL ART | Top 10 Fish Keeping Wall Arts

You’ve probably heard the saying that once you keep fish you’ll never stop. I took a break from fish keeping when I moved house once. …

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frozen pond

Can you run a fish pond pump through winter?

As the seasons shift and the days shorten, both you and your pond will be bracing yourselves for colder weather. Winter brings a number of …

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