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congo tetra fish

Congo Tetra: Diet | Size | Water Conditions | Breeding

The Congo Tetra is a popular freshwater fish, whose exotic appearance belies an easygoing temperament and relatively straightforward care. This flamboyant African Tetra displays some …

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snakeskin barb

Snakeskin Barb Fish – Tropical fish

If you are looking for an easy to manage exotic fish that is a true team player the Snakeskin Barb is a worthy choice!  The Snakeskin or …

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goldfish eating worms

Can Goldfish eat worms? Garden or other types of worms!

If you are considering feeding worms to your goldfish, you will be pleased to know that they will love them! But is the question ‘Can …

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goldfish eating bloodworms

Can Goldfish eat Bloodworms? Are they safe to eat!

Yes! If you are looking to supply your goldfish with a little variety in their diet, bloodworms are an excellent choice. Though many flaked and …

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Denison Barb Fish | Species Profile

Its unmistakable appearance and equally gregarious temperament make the Denison Barb fish a very desirable fish. With their streamlined form, racing stripes, and bright red streak, these …

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Seachem Tidal 35 Aquarium Filter Review

If you’re new to keeping fish or even an experienced aquarist then you’ll have seen the overwhelming array of aquarium filters all claiming to be …

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Prime Fuge Refugium & Reef Light

Prime Fuge Review: The Best Refugium Light We’ve Ever Tested

Originally Posted Marine Depot: ROBERT FARNSWORTH MARCH 15TH, 2019 In our latest video, we look at the new Aqua Illumination PRIME Fuge LED light and show …

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monster catfish

5 Monster Catfish Kept in Home Aquariums

Anyone who has ever kept freshwater aquariums will know of these Monster Catfish. Many will have seen them in shops and public aquariums but rarely …

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