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best water features

7 Best Water Fountains and Garden Water Features

No matter what size garden or backyard you own there is nothing better than having a beautiful and stunning water feature. From the simplest sound …

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rain on a pond

Does the rain oxygenate a pond?

Simply, yes; rain will contribute oxygen to a pond.  Rainwater is a helpful source of the dissolved oxygen your pond needs to thrive. It is …

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pond fish dead after heavy rain

Why are all my pond fish dead after heavy rain?

There is probably nothing more disheartening for a pond owner than to find prized and nurtured koi, goldfish, minnow and other pond fish dead in …

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java moss

Java Moss Aquarium Plant: The Care Guide

Low maintenance, hardy, and attractively looking, Java moss is one of the most popular aquatic plants among aquarium enthusiasts. Suitable for tanks of all types, …

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Best Pond Pumps for Small Ponds | Pumps for up to 500 Gallons!

Pond care and fish keeping are all about the satisfaction and enjoyment of creating an authentic ecosystem. When planning and establishing your pond, you want …

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Complete Guide to Java Fern in Aquariums

Anyone interested in making elaborately decorated aquariums should know about Java Fern, one of the most useful plants in aquarium decoration. Java Fern is beautiful …

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best pond pumps

Best Big Pond Pumps of 2020 | Top 9 Pumps for 1000+ Gallon Ponds!

Pond maintenance is an ongoing effort for even the most compact of ponds, so if you are a big pond owner you will be familiar …

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why are my fish dying

Why Are My Fish Dying? Simple steps to avoid this!

One thing that every pet owner dreads is the moment they see their beloved pet pass away. And fish owners are no different. Sometimes, they …

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