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best automatic fish feeder fish feeder

Best Automatic Fish Feeders – No Vacation worries!

Going on a long vacation and worried about your fish? Then fear not, simply buy one of the best automatic fish feeders on the market …

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do fish have a brain?

Do Fish Have A Brain? – You’ll be shocked!

One question that always gets asked is ‘Do fish have a brain? ‘ I’m not really sure why people even need to know the answer …

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How to do a water change

How to change the water in a fish tank – Why it’s important!

When cleaning your fish tank one of the most important part is to remove about 15-20% of the water and clean out all the debris from …

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Siamese Algae Eater: Diet | Size | Lifespan | Breeding & Care Guide

Crossocheilus Siamensis, otherwise known as the Siamese Algae Eater, is a member of the Cyprinidae (carp) family. In the wild, they live in Thailand and …

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Fishkeeping forever

What to do if you overfeed your fish – Everyone does it!

We have all at some point in our Fishkeeping lives made this mistake. Overfeeding your fish can be harmful in more ways than one.  In …

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tailspot blenny

Tailspot Blenny: Tank Mates | Reef Safe | Diet | Care | Cost | Lifespan

The tailspot blenny (ecsenius stigmatura) is a popular inhabitant in many saltwater aquariums. They are found primarily in the Western Pacific oceans but has been …

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