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aquascaping complete guide

Aquascaping Aquariums | Aquascape Complete Guide

Aquascaping Aquariums is the art and craft of decorating aquariums. Aquascaping involves building underwater landscapes. An aquascaper will fill the bottom of an aquarium with …

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Hornwort Aquarium Plant | Complete Growers Guide

Hornwort is a common aquatic plant that comes into its own when utilized in aquascaping. These small plants are very popular and can be found …

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cherry barb

Cherry Barb: Diet | Breeding | Lifespan | Size | Care Guide

If you’re considering getting a cherry barb fish or already have one, it’s important to know what to do when it comes to their care. In this …

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rotala rotundifolia

Rotala Rotundifolia Aquarium Plant| Complete Growers Guide

If you are looking for an attractive aquatic plant that will provide depth, dimension and lots of interest to your tank, Rotala rotundifolia is an …

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aquarium plant substrate review

Best Aquarium Plant Substrate Review 2020

Owning an aquarium is a satisfying past-time. Just observing your fish is relaxing and improves your sense of well being. Once you have found your …

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green tiger barb image

Green Tiger Barb: Diet | Breeding | Sexing | Lifespan

Green tiger barbs are freshwater fish known for their playful, semi-aggressive temperament. While the species requires a specific diet and environment for optimal health, Green …

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amazon sword

Amazon Sword | How To Grow | Care | Propagate & Keep

Anyone who has ever owned an aquarium and kept Tropical Fish will have heard of the popular Amazon Sword aquarium plant. You may be surprised …

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Cryptocoryne wendtii

Cryptocoryne Wendtii | Species Profile And Growing Guide

If you’re looking for a small foreground aquarium plant then take a look at Cryptocoryne Wendtii which is technically a herb. This popular and widely …

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