11 Best Plants for Betta fish

Bettas are not for keeping in small fish tanks or jars. Yes, they are labyrinth fish that have the ability to breathe oxygen from the surface of the water which means they can live in water conditions with low oxygens levels. A fish of their kind needs a worthy habitat that can illustrate their natural element by including natural plants which will add oxygen to the water.

Live aquarium plants will also calm them down and help them relax and live a long and happy life.

So, here we have enlisted 11 best plants for betta fish.

betta fish plants

11. Amazon Sword

Amazon Sword, one of the most popular betta fish plants, has its origins in the rich Amazon River basin where diverse aquatic plants flourish. The plant’s broad leaves provide a resting spot for betta fish which they love to have in their habitat. Moreover, the plant can reach up to a maximum height of 16 inches which lets enough room for bettas from the bright lights of the tank.

Just like the bettas, this plant can habituate itself in harmony with other plants. One of the prominent features of this plant is that it can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, thus making it a low maintenance plant.

10. Water Wisteria

One of the reasons why bettas Water Wisteria so much is due to its ability to thrive in low lightings. You won’t need to worry for substrates as regular gravels works fine for these plants. 

The unique patterns on the broad leaves enhance your betta’s home. Wisterias are unique as they change their shapes, depending on how they blossom inside a fish tank. Often, you find bettas using this plant for resting and hiding inside the tank.  

9. Marimo Moss Balls

They are low-light adaptive plants capable of creating their food through photosynthesis. So, maintenance is going to be low with this one. However, you need to keep it away from direct sunlight. 

All types of Betta fish love this plant as they help in keeping betta’s habitat free from contamination by absorbing toxic nitrates inside the fish tank. You will find your bettas playing with whimsically, tossing them here and there inside the tank.

One other thing about why to love this plant is because they tend to live easily over 100 years. Will make great heirlooms, won’t they?

8. Anacharis

Originally hailing from South America, this plant can thrive in any well-lit place. The long green stem with dense leaves allows plenty of area for betta fish to hide and rest. These plants need lots of nutrients from the water which naturally depletes the scope for algae to prosper in its vicinity. 

There’s a myth that the Anacharis leaves harm bettas fins, but it is a rare condition. However, if you observe this condition, you can remove them and test the hypothesis after the removal.


Commonly known as Glosso, this plant is a popular Japanese water plant found in lakes and ponds.

It is noted for its bright green color that makes beautiful seascapes inside the fish tank. The plant grows only up to a couple of inches, so you need to be careful while pairing with other tall plants to prevent them from being overshadowed. If you want a Japanese themed environment for your tank, then this plant undoubtedly is one of the best plants for betta fish.

6. Java Fern

Native to Southeast Asia, Java Fern is one of the easiest fish plants to maintain due to their slow growth process. Technically, they act as water filters, so having this plant in your fish tank is a plus. These plants can thrive in low light and proliferate faster. However, you have to keep an eye on the rhizome as their leaves grow from it.

Even the hyperactive fish need places to hide and, the Java Fern delivers on those aspects.

5. Anubias Barteri

Anubias and betta together in a tank is a common sight. And there’s a reason why.

This dark green plant has a low height of about 7.5 inches and flourishes in the substrate level of the tank. Bettas love to rest on its broad leaves and hid beneath them when shy.

Anubias can quickly proliferate in standard lights. These plants don’t demand any kind of special maintenance. You can simply plant and watch them as they grow in the bottom of your tank.

4. Hygrophilia

It is one of the biggest plants that you’ll see on this list. Growing over 28 inches, you will need a tank to match its height and at least 20 gallons to see its true wonder. Hygrophila provides ample space for your bettas to hide and rest under its broad leaves.

Sufficient lights on the tank will help in keeping its leaves sturdy for bettas to rest on. Once full-grown, this plant is almost unkillable. 

3. Duckweed

If you want to give your aquarium a swampy ambiance, duckweed is the plant for you. It is one of the swiftest multiplying plants in water. This plant dwells on the tank’s surface and takes on the extra nutrients from the tank, keeping the habitat healthy. 

However, the frenzy multiplying characteristic of this plant can result in duckweed taking up all the space in the surface and blocking natural lights from entering the tank. So, get a plastic ring to contain the duckweed in an area or trim it every week to keep it under control.

2. Banana Plant

This plant is one of the unique plants with green tubers that seem like bananas on a first glance.

As the plant grows, it will have a long and slender stem which produces a lily pad leaf on the surface of the tank where the bettas can rest. These stems grow from the substrate and might reach more than 25 inches in its maturity. The shapely flair, along with convenience in growing makes it one of the best plants for betta fish.

1. Java Moss

Saving the best for the last, Java Moss is a betta’s favorite plant.

It is easy to grow, maintain, hard to kill, great for aquascaping, and most of all, bettas love it! You will find the bettas exploring the moss jungle, which will keep them occupied all the time.

And, it goes without saying, these fluffy little moss balls will elevate the look of your tank significantly.

Conclusion: Best Plants for Betta

The is no question that adding suitable aquarium plants to a Betta fish take will improve their environment as long as you have the correct water conditions to encourage plant growth. Adding plants to poor water conditions or low lighting will result in them dying and polluting the water.

Ensure that you have the right amount of lighting for the correct length of time per day and add a little plant food to aim their growth and they’ll do just fine.

Plants perfect for Betta Fish