9 Best Plants for Guppies ( Freshwater Aquarium Plants )

Humble guppies may not seem like the sharpest tools in the shed, but many researches have shown that guppies are smarter than we think. Believe it or not, they are also smart enough to choose the type of plants they like.

They will even choose their favorite plants to have their babies. Taking shelter from larger and potential threats within the aquarium amongst their favorite aquarium plants.

Not all plants are suitable for Guppies due to water temperatures or maybe the acidity of the water. So let’s have a look at some of the most popular and more suited plants for guppies.

best aquarium plants for guppies


Anacharis, also often known as Brazilian Water Weeds, will make great additions to your plan. This floating plant can grow prolifically under the right conditions and has long stems that can reach up to a foot in length. 

Since Anacharis plants grow lots of leaves, they provide right hiding places for guppies. 

You can simply place each individual stem into nutrient-rich substrate or gravel around 2 inches deep and an inch apart for plantation.

As for maintenance, this hardy plant rarely requires care as long as you add a generous amount of liquid fertilizer. You may also need to trim it regularly.  

Guppy Grass

Guppy Grass is named after these tiny fish exclusively. Of course, it has to be featured on our list of best plants for guppies. Its thin, flexible leaves mean plenty of hiding and resting spots for newly-born guppies.

Guppies are even known to eat this plant!

This versatile plant can either be planted into the substrate or left to float. All it needs is a dash of fertilizer and a moderate amount of light to bloom. 

Since they can grow rapidly, you will have to trim them often. Other than that, they don’t demand additional CO2 or care.

Amazon Sword

Another great addition for guppy tanks, Amazon Sword, is ideal for beginners since it can survive most hardy conditions with little to no maintenance. 

Amazon Sword’s long, flowy, and broad leaves give your guppies plenty of room to hide and play around. The leaves also offer nice cover for pregnant guppies about to lay eggs.

To plant it, you can simply bury it in the substrate as it comes with a predeveloped root system. 

With ample light and CO2, Amazon Sword can grow quite fast, while the absence of these two will slow the growth. A small tank will also require more frequent pruning. 

Java Fern

Extremely popular in the fishkeeping scene, Java Fern also happens to be one of the best plants for guppies. Why? Because it facilitates swimming through, swimming under, and a nice hideout.

Most beginners make the mistake of burying its root into the substrate, which will only kill the plant. That’s because, in fact, this plant looks very much plant-able!

Simply attach it to a piece of rock or driftwood and watch it bloom.

Since these plants grow slowly, you don’t have to worry about pruning them every other week. As for fertilization needs, your fish’s poop might be just enough. If you want, you can add a hint of liquid fertilizer.

Moss Balls

There are very few plants that can boast of perseverance like Moss Balls does! If you’re looking for a low-maintenance addition to your guppy tank, these little moss balls can come with a bunch of benefits.

For starters, they don’t only provide a secure place for eggs and small fry but also make a great toy to play with. Your guppies will love laying down on it and swimming around it.

Basically, the only care requirement Java Moss need is to turn them over every time you change the wall. They don’t demand unique light settings, substrate, or fertilizer.

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Most fishkeepers believe Hornwort is one of the best plants for guppies due to the multitude of benefits it gives. For example, its thin yet soft leaves provide ample space for your fish to hide and swim through. 

On top of that, Hornwort is also known for the adequate shade and the prowess to fight unwanted algae growth. 

It propagates quite easily through side shoots if the conditions are right. Since it can thrive in a wide range of water conditions, it is well-suited for a beginner dabbling into aquarium plants for the first time.


Moneywort is a hardy stem plant that grows tall and has tiny leaves. It grows in a bunch, and your guppies will love to swim through it and take small bites once in a while. 

Likewise, the underside of the rounded, flat leaves makes a great hiding place for guppies. 

Don’ worry—Moneywort is perfectly capable of enduring any damage tiny mouths of guppies can cause. 

Moneywort doesn’t require any substrate to grow as it tends to float away. It can grow and propagate substantially with moderate lighting and lots of nutrients.

Pygmy ChainSword

In my opinion, Pygmy Chain Sword is one of the easiest plants to take care of in any aquarium. That’s why it’s among the best plants for guppies.

Its tall and wide leaves provide ideal hiding and playing spots for guppies throughout the day. 

Like most plants included in the list, this one too is relatively easy to tend. It can survive and grow even in low lighting with minimal CO2. Thus, you don’t need to invest extra in equipment to regulate light and CO2. 

Since it can withstand a wide range of water conditions without needing any special care, it’s an ideal option for guppies. 

Amazon Frogbit

Fish love Amazon Frogbit in tanks, and guppies are no exceptions. 

This plant provides plenty of shade and spots for hiding, which is precisely what your guppies want. The broad rounded leaves mean ample space for guppies to hide and explore.

Since they don’t require a substrate, it’s a good option for a beginner. Besides a good amount of lighting, you don’t have to worry about anything else when growing it. 

However, these can grow quite extensively, so you’ll have to trim them quite often. 

Conclusion: Best Plants for Guppies

So, we’ve come to an end of our ‘9 best plant for guppies’ list. 

Guppies will simply love to have live plants in the aquarium, and adding plants is an easy and cost-effective way of mimicking the original habitat for your guppies.

All the plants mentioned in the list are loved by fishkeepers for providing shade and a secure place to hide, among many other reasons. 

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