Share with a fish keeping Friend!

One of the best things about this amazing hobby is that everyone loves to see and share their aquariums and fish with others.

How many Facebook or YouTube videos have you watched of other peoples aquariums? I know I have watch hours of videos and love to see how other poeples aquariums look.

Well, here’s your chance to show the world your aquarium.

We are looking for people to send in videos of their aquariums or fish to share on our website and YouTube channel. Your video will be added to post where we have written articles about fish or Invertebrates you have in your own aquarium.

We want every type of fish tank or pond from the humble goldfish to amazing reef aquariums packed with fish and invertebrates. Don’t worry if you think your aquarium isn’t finished or as good as other peoples, we love to see them all.

Are you interested in sharing your aquarium to the world?

What you need to do

  1. Record your aquarium or fish on either a camera or good quality mobile phone for at least 3 minutes and show all areas of the aquarium close up so we can see the detail of the fish and tank.
  2. Record in the best quality setting you can and from as many angles as possible. We will edit the video so don’t worry if you record 2 or 3 videos. The more footage we have the better.
  3. You can add a voice over if you wish to describe your aquarium or fish. We all love to hear about the type of filtration you are using, lighting and even the type of food you feed them. If you don’t want to add your voice then record with no sound or at least with minimal background noise. The sound of the aquarium and water is fine.
  4. Make your video a minimum of 3 Minutes long and longer if possible and it’s better if it’s all on one video but not essential.
  5. Send us your video via one of the following methods.
  6. Email your video to us at
  7. Or send it via Dropbox here >>>
  8. Please give us permission to share your video on our website and all our social media channels including YouTube.
  9. You can also send in photos if you don’t want to record your video, but as we all know videos of aquariums are much better to watch than photos.

Why should you share your video?

Every video that is shared with us and used on our website or YouTube channel is entered into a draw where you have the chance to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card.

You can also have your name added to the video and be given full credits for the video and pictures.  If you own a business or website we are happy to add a link for you to the post.

Fishkeeping is a learning process and we all started somewhere. I’m sure you made some mistakes along the way just like we did and by sharing your videos you are helping others enjoy this hobby that we all love.

Still not sure?

Here are a couple of examples of the type of videos we are looking for. Very simple or as long and detailed as you like.

Growing this hobby is a passion of ours and the more people we can share amazing aquariums and fish with, the better!

The video below was filmed using just a mobile phone and sent in by Steve & Nikki from Sheffield in the UK. They sent us a video that was 3 minutes long and we edited it to make the completed video you see below. This is perfect for anyone wanting to know and see what a sailfin tang would look like in a home aquarium.

This video is also on the article, Sailfin tang-complete care, and buyers guide. 

The video below is a more advanced video which shows every aspect of the aquarium. Don’t worry about all the graphics and effects, we will add all these and make your longer video into a feature video that looks amazing.

For this type of video, we simply need a longer video ( 7 Minutes + ) and footage from different angles. We love to see aquariums from the top, front and sides. We also love to see the equipment you use. This will help other people achieve amazing results like you have.

Ready to send in your video?

If you’re ready to send us your video, just get out your mobile phone now and start recording. Like we said before, we will edit your video and add special effects and subtitles and edit poor sound.

Just start recording and send it into us via one of the methods above.

Unfortunately, we cannot use every video we receive but we use most of them. If your video is chosen to be used and entered into our draw to win a $20 Amazon Gift card we will contact you and let you know.

The winner will be chosen from the most likes given to your video or phone on our YouTube channel.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.