Denison Barb Fish | Species Profile


Its unmistakable appearance and equally gregarious temperament make the Denison Barb fish a very desirable fish. With their streamlined form, racing stripes, and bright red streak, these barbs have certainly earned the moniker ‘Torpedo’. A shoal of these barbs will certainly add color and drama to any aquarium due to their endangered conservation status they are an …

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5 Monster Catfish Kept in Home Aquariums

monster catfish

Anyone who has ever kept freshwater aquariums will know of these Monster Catfish. Many will have seen them in shops and public aquariums but rarely in people’s home aquariums. Simply due to the size that these fish can grow to and size of aquarium needed to keep them will restrict them being kept by most …

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Livebearer Fish List |15 livebearers for home aquarium


In recent years, the popularity of livebearers has surged immensely. Livebearers are called so as females belonging to this subspecies give birth to live young as opposed to most other fish that lay eggs. The fry produced are larger than eggs, can feed on different foods, and are better at escaping predators. Livebearers come from …

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