35 Perfect Names For Your Pet Clownfish

Clownfish have to be one of the most recognized and iconic saltwater fish around. They were made famous by the 2003 Pixar studios film ‘Finding Nemo’ and have continued to be popular to this day. They are more often than not kept in pairs and are known to mate for life.

If you are considering getting, or for that matter, have just got one or two of these delightful fish, no doubt you are now considering names for them. Not always an easy task, with so many to choose from!

With this in mind, we have put together a list of 35 suggestions; some that would suit an individual Clownfish, and others for a pair.

How about some fictional names?

To start us off here is a small, but fabulous list, of fictional fish names, Gods of the Sea, and even an underwater kingdom:

WandaFrom the 1980s film ‘A Fish Called Wanda’ which, funnily enough, is not about a fish, but rather a massive diamond heist. There is, however, a Goldfish in the film but he comes to a rather unlucky end when he is eaten. A must watch and still available on DVD from Amazon.

NemoUndoubtedly one of the most common names used in regard to Clownfish due to the popularity of the film ‘Finding Nemo.’ If you’ve got children, you can be sure this name will be suggested. Dory could be used as a pair to this name although she was a Tang, and not a Clownfish. Which is still one of my all-time favorite films to watch on DVD. Still available on DVD from Amazon.

All image credits @DisneyMovies

MarlinLess commonly used but never the less another excellent Clownfish name taken from the film ‘Finding Nemo.’ Interestingly, there is also a species of fish called the Marlin that is prized by many fishermen.

FlounderOne of Ariel’s friends from ‘The Little Mermaid’ and interestingly not any specific species of fish. Rather, Flounder was just designed to be tropical and cute. My daughters favorite film to watch on DVD and still available to buy on Amazon.

Poseidon – One of twelve Olympians from ancient Greek myth; a God of the sea and waters. Poseidon also had eight children with interesting names you could use; Theseus, Triton, Orion, Polyphemus, Belus, Agenor, Neleus, and Atlas.

NeptuneThe counterpart of the Greek God Poseidon, Neptune is the Roman God of the sea. His consort was named Salacia, a great name for the female of a pair.

AtlantisA legendary but fictional island that sank into the sea in just a single day and night. Atlas was the ruler of this kingdom and is another fab name suggestion.

JabberjawThough technically a shark from a Hanna-Barbera cartoon, Jabberjaw has to be one of the coolest names for any fish. For those who don’t remember the cartoon, it was after all aired in 1976, it was a little like the show Scooby Doo, but with a shark instead of a dog.

James PondA glorious pun on the secret agent, James Pond is the 007 of the fish world featured in a computer game. My name is Pond, James Pond!
Moby – As in Moby Dick, the whale from the Herman Melville novel of the same name. Though Moby Dick was not a Clownfish, neither was he a white whale which is fictional. Rather, he was a sperm whale.

Image Credits @nintendo.co.uk

Any cool names for paired up Clownfish?

Since the majority of Clownfish are kept in pairs, male and female, it makes sense that ‘paired up names’ would be popular. With that in mind, and because we like them too, here are some of our favorites:

Huginn & MuninnAn unusual choice but a good one. Huginn and Muninn were Odin’s pair of ravens that flew all over the world and reported back to him.

Romeo & Juliet The pair of star-crossed lovers whose names are ideal for Clownfish that mate for life. You could also use Montague and Capulet if you want to be a bit different. Still one of my wifes favorite films and she has seen the show. The DVD is still available from Amazon. She liked the old version released in 1968.

Fish & ChipsIncredibly corny but can still make me smile with amusement. Not, however, the only food-related name possibilities; there’s also sausage and mash, bacon and eggs, salt and pepper, and many more.

Dumb & DumberTaken from the 1994 comedy film starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. Apt for a pair of Clownfish since the two main characters in this film are metaphorically speaking clowns.

Carrie & Mr Big‘Sex and the City’s’ will they, won’t they couple who were both incredibly stylish, much like the Clownfish.

Heathcliff & CathyFrom the 1847 novel ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte. Also, a 1978 hit single for the fabulous singer and songwriter Kate Bush.

Ross & RachelOK, so technically Ross was Rachel’s lobster, but it’s all related. You could also use other ‘Friends’ couples names such as Monica and Chandler, or perhaps Phoebe and Mike.

Arturo & KatarinaA tragic story of love lost and found that appears in both the original and a remake of the film ‘Overboard.’ The story used tells the tale of two lovers parted by an angry father only to be reunited a year later. This reunion, however, does not run smoothly with both lovers drowning in the sea.

Fred & GingerThe darlings of the dance floor that waltzed together for over fifteen years. If you fancy being a little bit different with this one, you could also use Rogers and Astaire.

Ronnie & ReggieArguably the most feared pair of gangsters that ever roamed the streets of the East End, London. Technically, yes they are both male but Reggie has been used as a girl’s name. They were brought back into the public eye when the film The Krays was released in 1990. The later version Titles The rise and fall of the Krays was released in 2016 and was directed by Zackary Adlar and stared Simon Cotton, Kevin Leslie & Phil Dunster and is available on Digital download on Amazon.

Image Credits @TheMirror.co.uk

Manet & MonetYep, again we’re talking two men. But how cool does Manet and Monet sound rolling off the tongue? For your information, just in case you don’t know, Manet was a 19th-century modernist painter, and Monet a 19th/20th impressionist.

Flotsam & Jetsam Terms used for debris and waste lost overboard, accidentally or purposefully, that washes up on the shore. FYI, flotsam is accidental and jetsam purposeful.

How about some oddities and others?

The following is a jumble of silly, geeky, unique, and don’t fall into any other category names:

SushiHumorous in a cheesy way since sushi is a Japanese dish of rice, vegetables, seaweed, and raw fish. It is just one of many humorous food related names that could be used for Clownfish.

PitreMeaning clown in French, Pitre is a pretty cool sounding name for a Clownfish. It could easily be teamed with Pierrot (see further down this list) for a mating pair.

FinnNot only is Finn an Irish name that means fair, but it is also, minus one N, the name of a fish body part. Genius, huh? Keeping on the theme of body parts you could also use Jill, but spelled Gill.

Pearl This one probably needs no explaining as pretty much everyone knows what a pearl is and that it comes from an oyster. Clownfish have been known to eat oysters as part of their omnivorous diet.

NaranjaSpanish for orange and one of the main colors on the vibrant Clownfish. You could also use blanco (white), rayas (striped), or pez payaso meaning Clownfish.

Coral Clownfish live in amongst corals and anemones making Coral an apt and also a pretty name to give one. I would have suggested anemone also, but I, and I can’t be alone, struggle to pronounce it.

ChucklesJust because, well we laugh at clowns, and a chuckle is a laugh. This is not a name that anyone suffering from coulrophobia would use, as they really don’t find clowns funny!

IkaroaIf you’re looking for a name that is unusual but still fish related, Ikaroa could be for you. Ikaroa was, according to legend, a long fish that gave birth to all the stars in the Milky Way.

PierrotA clown like character that dresses in black and white, looks sad, and always has a solitary tear painted on its face. They are most commonly seen in French pantomime.

BruceThis one is a little bit geeky as it is the name that was given to the mechanical prop shark in the 1970s film ‘Jaws.’ It is, however, a fun name that comes with a little bit of iconic trivia.

35 pet fish names for clownfish

LeviathanA biblical sea creature that was referenced in the Hebrew Bible and lived in Talmud. Leviathan was more a metaphor used for a powerful enemy but has become used as a term for any sea monster.

Conclusion: 35 Names for your pet clownfish

Part of the fun of keeping pet fish is naming them. Naming your fish seems to give them an identity and more of a personality. Clownfish are full of personality and characture and are definatly worthy of a good name.

My Kids tried naming all of our tropical fish community tank until it had over 20 fish, then they lost interest. But for a pair of fish of one or two larger species it’s a great way to get the family and kids invloved.

Could you imagine having a cat or dog and not giving it a name? No, It’s not right is it and why should it be any different for your pet fish!

Let us know what you have named your fish. We’d love to hear from you.

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