Silver Dollar Fish: Complete Care, breeding, Feeding Guide

silver dollar fish

If I asked you to pick your favorite shoaling fish, what species would it be? For me, it is undoubtedly the simple but stunning Silver Dollar (Metynnis Argenteus) A distant cousin of the piranha and pacu, the Silver Dollar (metynnis Argenteus) has been a favorite amongst fish keepers for many years, especially in the US. …

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Niger Triggerfish (Odonus niger) – Redtooth Triggerfish

Niger Triggerfish

Have you ever noticed that it’s usually the most attractive fish out there that have less than a stellar reputation? Well, the Niger Triggerfish (Odonus Niger) is no different! Just Google ‘badly behaved marine fish’ and you will come up with a list of articles in which the Niger Triggerfish is described as either ‘troublesome’ …

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Unique Freshwater Fish – #8 Isn’t a fish, but it is very Unique!


If you own a Freshwater fish tank then you probably have some of the more common fish housed in your aquaria like Neons, Angelfish and Clown Loach. All beautiful fish, but have you looked at some of the more Unique Freshwater fish? We are blessed in the freshwater fish category of having a large number …

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Frontosa Cichlid: Diet | Size | Lifespan | Cost | Breeding | Care Guide

frontosa male

If you had to choose just one species to take the prize for being the jewel in the crown of cichlids, which one would it be? For me, and for many others, it would be the ruler of Lake Tanganyika, the Frontosa Cichlid (cyphotilapia Frontosa). But why? Well, for many reasons which include its absolute …

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Top 13 Saltwater Fish Tank Shrimps – #9 Is Amazing!

top 13 saltwater fish tank shrimps

Are you thinking of buying a Saltwater-Reef Fish Tank and are looking to add something a little different?  Then this article  TOP 13 Saltwater Fish Tank Shrimps might be just what you’re looking for. In this article, we look at the most popular Saltwater shrimps kept in the home aquarium. They all have something different …

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Top 15 Nano Reef Tank Fish – #9 Is a wild card!


Have you ever wanted to keep saltwater fish but worried about the size of the tank you’ll need or the amount of room you have to house one? Well, we have the perfect answer! A nano reef tank, in this post we’ll show you the Top 15 Nano Reef Tank Fish which would be perfect for …

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Saltwater Fish For Beginners – #7 Is the our favorite!

saltwater fish for beginners

Saltwater or marine fishkeeping as it’s know can be a very expensive hobby if you get it wrong. We’ve heard many stories of people buying the wrong equipment or wrong fish and losing hundreds of dollars and quickly giving up on the whole idea of keeping saltwater fish. This isn’t good for the hobby as …

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Tiger Shovelnose Catfish: Care | Size | Feeding

tiger shovelnose catfish complete care guide

If you have space and want a show-stopping freshwater fish to wow your friends then you need to buy a Tiger Shovelnose Catfish(Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum). Without a doubt, these fish are amazing and in the right size, aquarium can look amazing and thrive in the home aquarium. Also known as Tiger Catfish these fish come from the …

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Coolest Freshwater Aquarium Fish – #9 Will Amaze You!


Do you have a freshwater aquarium and want to keep something a bit special? Then let us show you some of the coolest freshwater aquarium fish available to the home aquarist. In this article, we show you some of the most amazing freshwater fish that offer you something different to the usual Guppies ( Not …

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RedTail Catfish: Care | Size | Feeding | Cost | Care Guide

redtail catfish featured image

How to describe the RedTail Catfish? A monster of the deep? A gargantuan bottom feeder? A wide-mouthed beast? All things I have heard when referring to this magnificent creature. I, however, prefer to describe it as big and beautiful with enormous fish keeping appeal! Here’s our Redtail catfish care guide to help you understand the …

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Mimic Saddle Filefish:Diet | Breeding | Sexing | Cost | Care Guide

If fish could get arrested for being a fraud or a fake then this Mimic Saddle Filefish would be in jail. The Mimic Saddle Filefish is not actually a puffer fish at all it’s a Filefish that has developed over many years to look and act like a puffer fish. Why? To protect itself from predators. …

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Pink Margin Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus rubrimarginatus)

pink margin fairy wrasse

This is the complete guide to keeping Pink Margin Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus rubrimarginatus) which is one of my all-time favorite Saltwater Wrasses. Originating from southern Japan through to Indonesia these brightly colored wrasses make a beautiful addition to any saltwater reef tank. But are they easy to keep and are they compatible in every type of …

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Plecostomus: Care | Size | Lifespan | Diet | Guide


I’m not even going to ask if you want a Plecostomus because, well honestly, I know that you do! Everyone loves and wants a Plecostomus. After all, how can you resist that big suckered mouth and long armored body? The answer is you can’t and you shouldn’t resist them! Every aquarium needs one of these …

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Emperor Angelfish: Size | Origin | Lifespan |Cost | Care Guide

adult emperor angelfish

The Emperor Angelfish (Pomacanthus imperator) has long been thought of as one of the most desirable saltwater fish for any aquarist to own.  It’s not surprising when you see a fully grown adult in full color, they are simply stunning. Their colors and patterns change from a Juvenile size fish and then again when it …

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Magnificent Foxface: Care | Cost | Diet | Breeding |Species Profile

Magnificent Foxface rabbit fish

The Magnificent Foxface or Magnificent Rabbitfish, Red Fin Foxface, or Andaman Foxface as it is also known, looks nothing like any other saltwater fish that you will ever own. Its distinctive white head with a black band that runs through it and amazing rusty red looking body make this fish truly spectacular. These fish are …

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Freshwater Tetra Owners Guide-Care, Diet, Cost.

tetra guide

Take a walk around the aquarium section of any pet store and you will find an array of freshwater tetra. From chubby to slim, spotted to striped and multi-colored to neon there is a species to suit us all. Found mainly within community tanks but occasionally species only a school of these delights really is …

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