Best Plants For Freshwater Aquariums | Top 10 Aquarium Plants

planted aquarium

There’s no question a well-planted freshwater aquariums look amazing. It’s like looking into a beautiful underwater garden. But which are the best plants for freshwater aquariums? Ones that are perfect for all levels of aquarists from beginners to specialist aquascaped aquariums. Adding a selection of plants to any freshwater aquarium can serve a number of …

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Glofish Types & Breeds: Colors | Types | Cost | Size | Lifespan


GlofishⓇ are a patented commercial brand that sells amazingly stunning fluorescent fish. They have neon-bright coloration, come in several types and colors, and look amazing when kept in groups. However, due to their less than natural coloration, they are not a fish species for everyone. They do, nonetheless, have a huge fanbase with many fish …

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How Big Do Ram Cichlids Get? (Size,Growth Rate)

ram cichlid types

Ram Cichlids are probably one of the most popular species available in the aquarium trade today. This is due to a mixture of factors such as delightful coloration, ease of care, and personality. However, before you decide to run out and buy a pair of these delightful tank members, you need to consider how big …

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Ram Cichlid Types

female ram cichlid

The Ram Cichlid is a popular aquarium species that has been developed and bred to include numerous different strains. These strains are sold under many different names including Ram, Blue Ram, Asian Ram, Butterfly Cichlid, Ramirez’s Dwarf Cichlid, Butterfly Cichlid, and Ramizeri. Despite the plethora of names for this fish species, there are only really …

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Betta Fish: Species Profile: Care | Diet | Sexing | Breeding

Betta Fish

Betta fish are a gorgeous looking freshwater fish that can live for around three to five years under optimal conditions. The best ways to ensure your betta fish has a long and happy life include give them a large enough tank of warm, filtered water and clean this regularly. Keep males separate and give females …

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Top 5 Most Popular Central American Cichlids


The Central American Cichlids are the most popular fish in America. Having flown in from all parts of the world, these fish come from various different environments. From the volcanic lakes to the new river streams which were not present before, the Cichlids are not uncommon in the American waters. They swim in the fast …

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Ram Cichlid: Diet | Breeding | Sexing | Lifespan | Care Guide

ram cichlid

The amazing family of cichlids commonly known as dwarf cichlids contains a huge variety of fish none more beautiful than the Ram Cichlid. A relative of the Bolivian ram (Mikrogeophagus altispinosus) which isn’t as brightly colored as the Blue Ram or the stunning Electric Blue Ram but still a lovely dwarf cichlid.  Different morphs of …

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15 Best Tropical Fish For Beginners – #14 is the number 1 selling fish

15 Best Tropical Fish For Beginners

So, you’ve bought a fish tank or you’re thinking about buying one and you’re wondering what the 15 best tropical fish for beginners. Well, we have a great selection below for you to consider. All the fish listed below have been carefully selected for a number of reasons from hardiness, price, size and feeding habits. …

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14 Best Aquascaping Fish – Perfect schooling fish.

14 best aquascaping fish

If you have a planted or aquascaped aquarium and you’re looking for the Best Aquascaping Fish that will school in large groups which will show of your aquarium, then look no further than the ones below. Lets first start by answering some questions we get asked about this topic all the time. The question we …

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Best Freshwater Cleaning Fish & Snails – #9 is the best

Best Aquarium Cleaning Fish

If you have Algae in your fish tank, don’t panic it’s completely natural to have a small amount. In my tank, I have a small amount and It makes my tank look natural and fits the scene I am trying to create. However, excessive algae look terrible and needs sorting quickly before it gets out of hand. Believe it or …

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Top 9 Freshwater fish for a new aquarium – #7 is my favorite

Top 9 Freshwater fish for a new aquarium

Starting any new hobby can be daunting, especially if it involves livestock. Aquarium keepers all over the world had to start somewhere and most will start with a small freshwater tropical fish tank. Beginners will often ask us for our advice on the Best freshwater tropical fish to start with and they often only know …

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Silver Dollar Fish: Complete Care, breeding, Feeding Guide

silver dollar fish

If I asked you to pick your favorite shoaling fish, what species would it be? For me, it is undoubtedly the simple but stunning Silver Dollar (Metynnis Argenteus) A distant cousin of the piranha and pacu, the Silver Dollar (metynnis Argenteus) has been a favorite amongst fish keepers for many years, especially in the US. …

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