Top 7 Best plants for baby fish

Baby fish need a suitable environment that can mimic the natural habitat where they can develop fittingly. For this, you need to include plants which can harbor them a shelter, area to roam and hide, and taste their first food.

But not all plants are perfect for baby fish. Some have larger leaves and some prefer different water conditions than what are found in freshwater tropical fish tanks.

So, here we have shed some insights on the 7 best plants for baby fish.


A baby fish needs to hide from the big ones for surviving in enclosed areas. They need places to hide, and there lies the need for Anacharis in a fish tank.

Anacharis thrives easily under moderate lighting and doesn’t need special fertilizers or supplements. When left idle, they can grow densely and make an excellent shelter for baby fishes. It is known as perfect nutrient absorbers since it can consume any excessive nutrient inside the tank.

It also secrets constituents which prevent the growth of algae and catch the residues of debris in the tank. With minimum care, you can get a well-balanced tank for your baby fish, creating a healthy and safe ecosystem for them.


Originally hailing from South America, Cabomba is a bunch plant which is known for rapid development and its conifer leaves. Small fish love to hide in its beautiful fuzzy leaves.

It comes in two kinds: green and red. Both are popular among hobbyists, but the red Cadomba requires immense care comparatively. They are incredibly delicate and are especially suited for baby fishes.

Every day, it grows about 1 inch with bushy leaves creating a dense bio-network for baby fish to thrive.

Lighting should be sufficient, and water condition should be clean for this plant to flourish in a fish tank. This plant has a high oxygenating feature which lets small fish inhale refined oxygen while developing.

5.Water Sprite

A popular type, water sprite can be both planted or left for floating in an aquarium. When left for floating, the stems of this plant tangles while growing and will have broader leaves due to the proximity to light.

This creates enough shade for baby fish to hide from the big tankmates. And, when planted, this plant needs sufficient space to develop into a thick jungle for baby fish to take shelter. Even the big fish tend to choose its leaves for laying eggs.

It’s an easy plant to grow in a fish tank. A 10-gallon tank with a height of 14 inches will be enough for both planting and floating for Water Sprite. Lighting, when kept moderate, will be sufficient for this plant to develop. While getting a water sprite, make sure the leaves and stems aren’t drying or have short roots.

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4. Hornwort

Many hobbyists keep this plant for its aesthetics, but this plant is crucial for growing baby fish in an aquarium.

Hornwort is great at photosynthesis, which means, it can generate more oxygen than your usual water plants. And, an ample amount of oxygen is necessary for baby fish to thrive. It consumes nitrogen inside the fish tank, thus preventing the growth of algae in its vicinity.

Likewise, small fishes, as well as baby fishes, can hide in its stocky structure.

Hornwort can be planted in the substrate or left for floating. This plant flourishes under moderate lighting and normal water temperature. It can grow up to 10 foot, but you can trim to maintain the required height for your aquarium.

3. Amazon Swords

A beginner-friendly plant, Amazon Sword can turn your fish tank into a woodland realm, making it one of the best plants for baby fish. Its stem with full leaves allows plenty of space for fry to navigate and dwell for hours.

The plant can reproduce itself inside the tank and expand using its runners. The thickest structure of this plant adds an extra layer of filter against the debris, which helps in keeping the tank clean for baby fish to develop.

It would be best if you plant it in mid-ground where there’s abundant substrate. It is a durable plant which can withstand a wide range of temperatures. However, you will need an aquarium with at least 16 inches of height and 10-gallon capacity to witness its full growth.

2. Jave Moss

An easy to maintain-plant, java moss is mostly apt for providing shelter to newborn fry. It doesn’t require high maintenance and has a lot to offer, especially for baby fishes.

The tender leaves of this plant make dense bush over a wide area of the tank. Thus, it gives pregnant fish a comfortable space to lay eggs, as well as a safe place for fry to play. Also, it is and close to natural element to keep infusorians, the first food for fry.

Despite flourishing in both high and low lightings, the bright lights tend to make it denser than the latter.

It is a robust plant which can thrive in a wide range of temperature with minimum care. You can use java moss for carpeting your aquarium floor which makes it aesthetically pleasing. Use glue or any natural adhesive to paste it on your aquarium’s floor.

1. Marimo Moss

The Marimo Moss algae is not your typical ugly knockoff. The Australasian heritage moss ball with its mushy-feel makes it a favorite toy for fry and small fishes.

Marimo Moss absorbs nitrates and keeps nitrogen level low in your tank. It rolls on the substrate and acts like a tiny filter absorbing residues like ammonia and phosphates. Despite falling under the algae category, it prevents other types of algae from flourishing in its precincts.

Final thoughts – Plants for baby fish

Taking care of this moss is easy and requires minimum care. You have to roll it time and again for keeping its beautiful spherical shape. Even if you attend minimum care, the Marimo Moss can thrive for over a hundred years, making it a perfect family treasure.

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