Which fish can live with Bettas ( With 12 Examples and Photos )

There are so many options when it comes to fish keeping these days. So, how do you figure out what fish is best suited to keep your Betta company? Doing research on things like, what kind of food does it eat, how big will it get, and what kind of temperament does it need, will help you decide what tankmates are best suited not only for your Betta, but other species you may wish to house as well. 

12 Fish Examples that can live with Betta fish are:

  1. Neon Tetras
  2. Ember Tetras
  3. Plecostomus
  4. Cory Catfish
  5. Zebrafish
  6. Hatchetfish
  7. Clown Loach
  8. Mollies
  9. Rasboras
  10. Swordtail
  11. Guppies
  12. Other Betta Fish

Also keep in mind that Bettas tend to be very territorial and can become quite aggressive to tankmates, especially to those with bright colorful fins. Female Bettas seem to tolerate other species better than males, but it really comes down to the personality of your Betta. 

It is always recommended to monitor your Betta when introducing new tankmates. 

Perfect Tank Mates For Betta’s


Betta Fish

Despite the common misconception, Betta’s can live quite harmoniously amongst other Bettas and different aquatic species.

Male Betta’s should never be housed together, as they will inevitably fight to the death, but several female Betta fish can be housed with a male Betta, typically without opposition. But that doesn’t mean that nothing will ever happen, because females can also become territorial, so it is recommended to monitor your fish for stressed behavior such as, not eating, ragged or torn fins, and even physical wounds on their body.

As stated, before it all depends on the personality of the individual. Some Betta fish are very peaceful, and really do not seem to mind extra company. With careful monitoring, you will be able to keep tabs on whose tolerant and who is not. It is recommended to remove any aggressive fish. 

Neon Tetras

neon tetra names

Neon Tetras add a beautiful array of color and movement to any aquarium. They do not get very big about one and half inches, so it is recommended not to house them with larger fish. Neon Tetras like to live in groups, so it will be necessary to purchase several. If they aren’t kept in a group Tetras tend to stress and not do very well. 

Some tetra species, however, have been known to be fin nippers, so caution should be used when housing with Bettas. For the most part though, Tetras have a very peaceful demeanor and cohabitate well with different species. 

Tetras are omnivore’s and thrive on a varied diet of small tropical pellets or flake food, and should be offered brine shrimp, daphnia, or freeze-dried bloodworms to supplement their nutritional needs. Good Tetra Food Here!

Ember Tetra

Image Credits @Youtube

The Ember Tetra is typically a great choice to house with a Betta. They tend to swim around mid-level in an aquarium setting, and usually keep their distance from other fish species. This means there usually is not any concern for aggression from them. Like their cousin the Neon Tetra, Embers can sometimes be fin nippers, so you should supply dense plant cover and or aquatic caves for your Betta to hide in. Ember Tetra like to school, so it is recommended to house them with several others to avoid stress. The Ember tetra is very tolerant of other species, and typically stays within the confines of its school.  Read all about the best schooling fish here!



Plecostomus or Plecos if you will, are a very peaceful bottom dwelling catfish. They usually like to feed on algae, but will eat a varied diet including raw vegetables, algae wafers, and even meaty foods such as shrimp and bloodworms.

Although Plecos are generally peaceful, they don’t really like other fish being in the way and may, flex a little muscle as it were. Typically, it is just a show to get the other fish out of the way as they go on about their business. Plecos can grow to be a larger fish, so it is recommended to house them in a larger tank.

Despite their size, Plecos do well with smaller fish like tetras and most all other species except other Plecos. 

Read our full Plecostomus care guide.

Cory Catfish

corydoras sterbai

Cory Catfish are a wonderful addition to house along your Betta. They typically have a very peaceful demeanor and thrive well with other Cory’s. Like the Pleco, Cory’s are bottom feeders, but also should be offered a varied diet of sinking pellets and meaty frozen or live foods. Always thaw frozen foods before feeding.

Although Cory catfish are peaceful, they are equipped with armored scales and often venomous barbs. These weapons are primarily used for defense to help keep from being eaten, but caution should be observed while cleaning your aquarium. Cory catfish are also very tolerant of most all other fish species.  Best Cory Catfish Food Reviewed.

Zebra Danios

zebra danio
(image credits @goodfreephotos.com)

Zebrafish (Danios) are called such, because of the black stripes that run along the length of their bodies. They are small and typically have a peaceful demeanor and get along well with most all other fish species. Zebrafish are omnivorous and thrive on a varied diet of flake or pellet food but should be offered live or frozen varieties of worms to supplement their nutritional needs.

A neat fact about the Zebrafish is that it was the first specimen to be genetically modified. This genetic modification has now made the Zebrafish better known as Glofish, because of the fluorescent glow they emit. They come in awesome color combinations like neon pink, green, and blue, but it is not recommended to house the Glofish variety with Bettas, as brighter colored fish tend to cause Betta fish to become aggressive.

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There is one word to describe the Hatchetfish, and that word is, Cool. Hatchetfish are named for the enormous sternal region of their body that resembles the shape of a hatchet. With this unique shape comes a powerful pectoral muscle structure that enables Hatchetfish to propel themselves out of the water.

They are very peaceful and do well with all other species, especially tetras and catfish. Floating plants are recommended along with a tight-fitting lid with no holes, as Hatchetfish will jump out of an aquarium. They thrive on a varied diet of flake and pellet foods, as well as live or frozen worms. 

Best Fish Food Here for hatchet Fish and other Tropical fish.

Clown Loach

clown loach

The Clown Loach is a very peaceful fish that would easily be housed with a Betta. They thrive in an environment with other peaceful fish and require plenty of hiding places.

The Clown Loach dines on a variety of flake and pellet foods, supplemented with live or frozen (brine shrimp, bloodworms, and snails). If your Betta is aggressive, the Clown Loach will not do well, and are susceptible to ich which stress can allow to develop.

Clown Loaches are also equipped with barbs just above their eyes which can do serious damage to your Betta if confronted. 

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Image Credits @Futurity.org

Mollies are small fish, but even though they do not tend to be aggressive, they certainly are able to stand their ground making them a perfect addition to any community aquarium.

Mollies like to live in social groups and thrive on a varied diet. Mollies should be offered flake or pellet food along with live or frozen worms or brine shrimp. Mollies also can be found in a variety of colors, but brighter species are not recommended because of the Betta fishes’ proclivity to fight other brightly colored fish.

An aquarium with plenty room is recommended to give Mollies plenty of room to school. Best molly fish food here!


Harliquin Rasbora
(Image Credits @Flickr)

Rasboras come in a huge variety of colors and species. Some 84 species of Rasboras are found throughout the world. They do well in community tanks and like to school in numbers of at least six or more.

Rasboras have a peaceful temperament and get along well with most all other aquarium fish. They are omnivorous and require a diet of flake or pellet food along with freeze-dried blood or tubifex worms. As state above they come in a variety of colors, but it is recommended to house specimens such as the Black Harlequin with your Betta, so as to avoid confrontation. 


swordtail tropical fish

Swordtail fish are named for the long sword like fin that grows from the lower lobe of the male Swordtails tailfin. This characteristic is only found on the male species of Swordtails, and usually shows up about three quarters of the way before adulthood.

Swordtails are mild mannered and do well in a community environment, but it is not recommended to house them with other male Swordtails as they can become territorial and fight one another.

They thrive on a varied diet of flake or pellet food along with freeze-dried brine shrimp, tubifex, and bloodworms. Swordtails also come in a variety of colors, but darker colors are recommended to live with your Betta. 


guppy freshwater tropical fish

Guppies are very popular among most fish keepers because of their peaceful demeanor and color they add to any aquarium. Guppies do very well in community aquariums and need a small social group to thrive. They have been known to become fin nippers, so caution should be advised when housing with ornamental fish such as Betta’s. Guppies do well on a diet consisting of algae, brine shrimp, daphnia, and bloodworms. 

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Conclusion: Suitable Tank Mates For Betta Fish ( Siamese Fighting Fish )

As you can see there are many options when it comes to what fish you may want to house with your Betta fish. Bettas can be very temperamental, so no matter what fish species you choose, always use caution when introducing your new fish to your Betta. Also, keep in mind that female Betta’s tend to be a little more tolerant when it comes to community living.

When it comes time to make your decision many of the species you may choose actually do well on the same diet, just something else to consider, so you don’t have to buy several different kinds of food. 

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