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How Are GloFish Made? Facts & F.A.Q

Once you see these amazing looking fish you’ll ask the shopkeeper – How are Glofish made? Don’t worry you won’t be the first or last …

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aquascaping tools

Best Aquascaping Tools Every Aquarist Should Use

Aquascaping, as you may well know, is the art of arranging aquatic plants, rocks, stones, and driftwood in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing. Put …

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firefish goby

Firefish Goby: Diet | Size | Care | Lifespan | Cost

The firefish goby is a stunning, small saltwater fish full of personality. Timid when first introduced to a new environment, it is best suited to …

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aquarium plant substrate review

Best Aquarium Plant Substrate Review 2022

Owning an aquarium is a satisfying past-time. Just observing your fish is relaxing and improves your sense of well being. Once you have found your …

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polar aurora filter review

Polar Aurora Canister Filter | 2022 Updated Review 525 GPH

If you are looking for a canister filter to suit a larger aquarium that works, but won’t break the bank, then the Polar Aurora may …

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marimo balls

18 Benefits of Marimo Balls ( How many per Gallon? )

Living plants are extremely beneficial for fish tanks, soaking up harmful nitrates from the water to keep your fish safe, provide shelter for shy fish …

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Best Nano Aquariums | Top 10 Pros & Cons (2020)

The word Nano – (symbol n) is a unit prefix meaning “one billionth” but in fish keeping it simply means a small fish tank. In …

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Denison Barb Fish | Species Profile

Its unmistakable appearance and equally gregarious temperament make the Denison Barb fish a very desirable fish. With their streamlined form, racing stripes, and bright red streak, these …

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